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  • I live not far from the center that is Manhattan. In the city, it is easy to forget about the spiritual and the things that go bump in the night. The idea is that witches exist only in those quiet, dark, and often rural places where no one will disturbe them. This is not true. Witches, and the male equivalent, worelocks, live really wherever they choose, just like anybody else. But the witches I'm telling you about today are the malevolent kind. I've lived in this neighborhood for over ten years and during all this time, at a particular time of year, evidence of witchcraft can be found at the corner of my block. Crossroads are popular in witchcraft and around Valentine's or at the end of the year, there is a hex doll with candles placed at the corner. This doll is often dressed up, red cord threaded around it, what looks like human hair on its head, melted candles (often black) surround it, and other herbs scattered about. Everyone I see this I stay away from it and I can't help but wonder who does this and why? It pisses me off because someone somewhere is suffering the consequences of this horrible act. It seems so petty, vile, and worthless of whomever does this evil work. It makes me think, and really whenever I see or hear of someone doing something like this (heck! I've even been asked if I would do a "job" for someone), and see just how unaware, asleep, people can be when it comes to their soul and the universe. But this case of the mysterious hex doll is just one instance of witchcraft in my neighborhood. A few days ago, I was walking with my mom through the neighboring cemetery. We were going home from grocery shopping and decided to take the short cut through the cemetery. We were close to the exit when we spotted some witchcraft materials. Again a act of evil. In this case I think the act had twofold of malice, disrespect, and evil because not only was harm done someone but also a grave was desecrated. In this picture I took you can see where the pot was left over a grave. On the outside of the pot there is a list of names, many with the same surname. So basically, this is a very witchy neighborhood. Have any similar experiences? Share below!
  • The twin soul/flame/ray is known for being a rare and complex relationship, making it easy to feel disconnected from the world, from friends and family. You can fall into loneliness because of the twin soul relationship being so different and revealing of the universe. With its otherworldly elements, its severe ups and downs, this relationship can even make you question your sanity. Here is a place where you can freely, openly share your story. Every twin soul relationship is different, but there are certain elements that define it and reading about other's experiences can not only help bridge that disconnect, but also provide insight. Share your story. Share your wisdom. I look forward to reading your stories and answering your questions. Don't hesitate to answer other's questions. See you around! Melissa Portan.
  • I have many stories to tell when it comes to ghostly encounters. The most frightening of my experiences with ghosts happened in my childhood. These events were the most frightening, though since then, if I think about it now, I have also experienced some fearful scenarios. It may be that the ghostly events of my youth seem so frightening simply because of my impressionable age, but then again, those were times were the line between the living and the dead, the possible and the impossible, the beyond and the here, was indistinguishable. I’ll share with you just a snippet of a series of events that took place in the same house. We lived in the first floor of a hundred-year-old, four-apartment building. I think I was around nine years old when this particular event happened. I never felt comfortable or even safe in that building, I always felt like something was about to claw at my back or feet. It was night and I was in the living room watching T.V. alone. I got comfortable on the couch but in moving, I dropped the remote control. When I bent over to pick it up, I heard a knock on the floor right where it had fallen. I thought it was odd, quickly mentally calculated that the basement was empty, that basement had really, really high ceilings, and that I had heard no other noise. I don’t know why I did it, but I knocked back on the floor once. Almost immediately there was a knock back in response. The knock wasn’t coming from this side of the floor but from beneath the floor, meaning, from the ceiling of the basement. It just didn’t make sense. I chuckled but at the same time something in my gut grew cold. I knocked again. This time twice. And two seconds later, there were two knocks in return. That’s when I ran out of the living room into the bedroom, looking for my mom. I explained to her what was happening and she came out to see. I knocked again, but nothing happened. She believed me though, because we had had other previous experiences that we could not explain. For some reason, the blinds on the windows of the living room never stayed up long. They would always fall eventually and we always had to fix them. There was one time we were chased out of the basement along with a neighbor. So many other strange and unexplained things happened, I don’t even know what to share. I mean, I’ve always wanted to live in a haunted house but during my time there I didn’t even realize it was haunted! I didn’t comprehend it was haunted, I wasn’t fully conscious of the hauntings or of myself, and the “unbelievable and impossible” factor kept me from fully embracing this strange reality. Also, at the time, I didn’t have my other vision open, if you know what I mean. Have you ever experienced a haunting? Or seen a ghost? Do tell!
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