Mar 1, 2017

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This is where all of the tarot readings will be done. Go ahead and post your question below, but be sure to read the guidelines so you know what to expect.

Jul 11, 2017

I would like to know what will be in store for my twin flame and I? if we cannot reunite will we re-unite in the next life?

Nov 20, 2017

Hi Kimone!

I am so sorry that I did not respond. I did not receive a notification. If you'd still like a reading, just let me know and I'll get back to you.



Nov 20, 2017

I would love to know if I will meet a life partner thank you

Jan 18, 2018
Dear Anastasia

Sorry I missed your post! Let me know if you would still like a quick yes or no reading.


Jan 21, 2018

Dear Meliss! I'd love to know if I'll be together (in a love relationship) with (1994.28.03) in the future?

Jan 23, 2018
Dear Infinite Love

You're the first person getting a reading! Exciting!

I did a quick reading for you with 3 cards, going from left to right is going to be the past, the present, and the future.

Here it is:

In the past you have The Lovers card. This represents love, obviously, but it also suggests indecision or a love triangle. Perhaps you met this person while in another relationship or while that person was/is in another relationship, or friends introduced you, at least that is where my mind is going. It is upright which does indicate romantic relationship/interest of sorts.

In the present you have Temperance but in reverse, which may indicate that you are losing patience and balance with the matter/relationship.


In the future you have The World. This to me indicates a positive or a yes. The World card suggests achievement/completion/manifestation of a goal or desire.


And that's it. Let me know what you think. I was very surprised at the response the cards gave. I hope this helps!

Jan 24, 2018Edited: Jan 24, 2018

Hi Melissa ! How are you ? I wanted to know if you can give me some insight about the future or relationship i'll have with someone born on 6 january 1994 ? Thank you for your time : )


Jan 24, 2018

So excited,this was my first tarot card reading! Thank u!

Jan 24, 2018

Can I get a reading on my love life? I have my sights set on a certain person and I'd like to know how it goes :) thanks in advance

Jan 24, 2018
Dear Rainyday145

You are very welcome! Now, for your reading. I did a quick 3 card reading, going from left to right you are going to have the past, present, and future.

Here it is:

In the past you have The Empress card. This indicates a motherly figure or a woman who has authority in your life.


In the present you have The Devil in the reverse. Normally The Devil card is a very negative force, especially when upright, but here it has the opposite effect. It may be liberation from a restrictive situation. Reading it in context, it may mean that you are defying this woman's authority or not listening to her directions, thereby taking your own path.


In the future card you have The High Priestess in reverse. If you are a student, this may indicate an academic failure or turning away from your studies. Anything you may have going with writing will not be having your full attention. Normally The High Priestess indicates wisdom and knowledge, but in this case it may signify that there are things you are unaware of. It may also indicate an inner disconnect.


This is a very interesting spread and a bit challenging for me, but another way I can look it is as there being two women involved and a rupture in their relationship. The Empress being the maternity card, may signify that one person in the relationship wants to start a family while the other would rather focus on studying or career. These differences may cause a separation.


Or, again, it may be that you have to choose between the two paths of motherhood and school/career. But then again, who says you can't do both, unless one is going to take you away from this relationship.


This was very interesting for me. Let me know if any of this is relevant or useful to you. I appreciate any feedback and it just helps to hone my skills.



Jan 25, 2018

Wow I am really surprised at how accurate your reading is . By far , you are the best tarot card reader i have encountered . Keep up with the great work you do. You have my full support . Thank you !

Jan 25, 2018

Thank you Raniyday415! You have no idea how touching I found your comment!

Jan 26, 2018

Hiii!!! Is it possible to get a reading on how my love life was in my past life?

Jan 26, 2018
Dear Smiley

Sorry for the delay! Here's your reading:


In your reading I did not do time spread, meaning there is no card placement that would indicate past, present, or future. Instead, this spread is telling me about how you feel and the relationship.


The first card is The Star and this indicates hope. It also suggests that you are in love or that "love is in the air". Lastly, it represents the efforts you are putting into cultivating or maintaining something, in this case (because of your question), it would be said relationship.


The second card is The World, but in reverse. This tells me that things are going slow in the relationship or not exactly how you would like. Also, you may feel like you don't know how to approach this person or get to their heart. You also have a few fantasies/daydreams going on about this other person.


In the last card you have The Magician, but in reverse. Continuing from the last card, this individual has qualities that you might describe as "dreamy". This card also tells me that you are unsure about the whole situation, in one form or another.


In conclusion, because there are two cards in reverse this tells me that a) you might experience a rejection or b) eventually you establish a relationship with this person but come to realize he is not what you thought he was.


I encourage you to follow your heart and instinct. Use this for perspective and not as your decision maker. I hope this helps! Let me know if you found it useful or relevant.




Jan 26, 2018
Hi WishingMoon

Ugh! I love your screen name! Your question is a super tricky one. I like it!


Hopefully I'm not wrong, but something tells me that what you want to know is whether you were in a relationship in a past life with a person you know now. You have to be clear in your question because who knows how many past lives you've had and how love manifested itself in each life? You must have been around for awhile to be asking this type of question, which is really exciting and cool! Once you say, "I know this person now, I think I've met them before in a past life", that narrows down which past life we can look at; naturally, the most recent before the present life in which you were with that person.


I'm gonna do the reading and let's see what it says:

From looking at all three cards together I think that you had a very strong connection with someone, but either it was unlawful for you to be in a relationship with that person or vice versa, and so someone either died/was killed, or fell from grace because of it.


There you go. There are many ways to interpret this spread. For example, it could also be that in your last life you were a strong, powerful person, a judge or politician (because of the Justice card), who fell from power. Maybe there was no love and romance in your previous life.


Let me know what you think! I'd love to hear more from you.

Jan 26, 2018Edited: Jan 26, 2018

Thank u!! :) you're so sweet <3. Girl ur intuition was right! I had a particular person in mind,well 2 actually and I wanted to know how my relationship was with them.The first interpretation feels actually real to me. Having this certain person in mind can I do another reading that might reveal sth more?

PS. I like my screen name too :p

Jan 27, 2018

Hey Mel!I think I've got some signs and maybe i could use the reading to receive a message from him (08.04.1990). what do i need to know,what is he trying to tell me? anything ,even a keyword matters.

Thank you very much!!!

Feb 2, 2018

Hey hello! I'd like to request a reading: there's a certain man whom I feel connected (I can feel his emotions) and I wanted a reading to give me insight as to why &what is this connection ,and what can happen in the future with us (I'm worried cause we both have depression). Thank would mean the world to me if u replied to this

Feb 4, 2018

Hi please i would like to know when will my husband come back home.

Sep 11, 2018

Dear Ilyasnayab5,


Sorry for the late response. I hope this reading finds you well. I'll do a one card reading.

In response The Emperor card came through. I interpret this to mean that your husband is experiencing success and power. The card is in the upright, so it is a positive sign. Perhaps, since my response has been so delayed, he has already returned to you. If not, I believe that you at least know his state and when that will be.


I would love to hear back from you.




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