Apr 8, 2017

Share Your Twin Soul Story


The twin soul/flame/ray is known for being a rare and complex relationship, making it easy to feel disconnected from the world, from friends and family. You can fall into loneliness because of the twin soul relationship being so different and revealing of the universe. With its otherworldly elements, its severe ups and downs, this relationship can even make you question your sanity.


Here is a place where you can freely, openly share your story. Every twin soul relationship is different, but there are certain elements that define it and reading about other's experiences can not only help bridge that disconnect, but also provide insight.


Share your story. Share your wisdom.


I look forward to reading your stories and answering your questions. Don't hesitate to answer other's questions.


See you around!

Melissa Portan.

Jan 27, 2018

I've had this specific person that I've noticed I'm always able to sense when he is sad ,injured or just not feeling well.Its has happened multiple times so my question is: do I have a connection with this person? Where does this connection come from: past life,soulmate or twin-flame?

Jan 27, 2018
Hey BlueStars!

Thanks for your questions!


If you are able to sense those things, then you do have a connection with him. The question is, is it a two-way connection? Does he sense you? For example, let's say you're both sitting in a room apart from each other, there are other people there too, but when you look at him he immediately looks back at you (turns his head to see you, etc.). Things like that indicate a two-way connection; however it can sometimes be subconscious. Charisma and charismatic people are an example of subconscious awareness of energy.


I can't tell you where that connection comes from without an in-depth reading. It could also be that you are sensitive, meaning that you have heightened spiritual awareness. Soul mates sometimes do experience this type of connection but it tends to be long-time soul mates, meaning that they have met multiple times throughout their lifetimes.


For twin flames there are a bunch of other things that happen. So if you are experiencing other signs, then it may be your twin flame. But again, I don't know that. Furthermore, near twins can also have intense connections.


I hope this helps!

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