The Team

 Meet the Eye of Luna Podcast team! Some call them the three musketeers of podcasting, others call them the three muses of discordant but productive sound, and others still, call them the trifecta of voices. In reality, nobody calls them anything but their given names: Melissa, Sue, and Michael. Subscribe to the podcast to listen to these friends/co-workers talk about relationships, sex, and spirituality.

Illustrated Night


Founder, Host, & Sexologist

The almost doctor of the bunch. She refuses to give her teammates free therapy, no matter how much they ask. Thrill-seeking behaviors include riding motorcycles and eating apple donuts (she is allergic to apples, so each bite is a gamble). She gives the podcast an academic flair.   

Dogs at Night


Producer, & Co-Host

A latchkey adult who takes TV way too seriously. Her impeccable memory only extends to random television trivia. She enjoys forcing friends to watch TV shows, converting them to her many, many fandoms. She produces things and is out there adulting one day at a time.

Abstract Man


Podcast Engineer & Co-Host

Our audio demigod. He wouldn't let us call him an Audio-God due to low self-esteem and a self-deprecating sense of humor. In his free time, he enjoys air guitar solos and burnt bagels.

Eye of Luna Podcast Soundtrack

Listen to the Eye of Luna Podcast soundtrack in its entirety. Yeah, that's right, we have a theme song because we're official like that. Enjoy the sounds crafted by the talented musician, DivineLeaders