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Founder & Sexologist

I believe love is the sun of the soul. With love in our hearts to light our way we are never lost, only exploring. 

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Welcome to the new blog!

I am beyond excited to be presenting to you guys this new website! Yes, you have made it to the right place if you are coming from theimportant1111blog. This is the new home for everything to do with twin souls, soul mates, love, sex, Tantra, Greek polytheism, polytheism in general, magick, and spirituality. I have been working for days on end on this website, waking up before the sun has risen and staying up late, because this means so much to me.

I would not have taken this leap without the support of many of you, the messages and comments you have left at the old blog gave me the strength and courage I needed to bring this website to fruition. I have received such wonderful messages from you guys, something I never expected, that you guys manage to make me tear up! Thank you for reading my work, taking the time to comment, and for sharing your experiences.

WordPress has been great for the blog, but little by little I realized I wanted to do more with the blog. Then, WordPress become too limiting for my goals. The main thing I really wanted to do was customize the site; change the fonts and colors. Then I wanted to create a place where everyone could communicate with each other. A few of you had suggested such a thing. It was not possible to create a forum at the blog. If I were to have done all of these things I would have had to pay a premium and spend many, many hours coding. My coding abilities are basic and I know that I will not always have time to do so. So, I decided, almost on impulse, to start this website using Now, you can see that the place is completely customized to fit the blog’s needs.

But here’s what I am really really really excited about: forums! I have made an account at and laid the groundwork for a community, a community I hope you will be a part of. This means that you will be able to communicate with other readers who are experiencing the strangeness that is twin souls, or talk about soul mates, or discuss Greek polytheism, or spirituality in general. This means that we will be to better exchange ideas, theories, beliefs, experiences and so on. I hope that you will help me build this community so that it is a warm, safe, and welcoming place.

These changes I am making are huge and come during a personally tumultuous time. But, because of my spiritual practice and with your support, I have been able to focus and complete this goal. I am so happy that I want to throw a party!

All of the posts from the old blog will be moved here to this new website in the following week. The only reason they are not already here is because I am too excited and I know that you guys are awaiting new posts, so I've decided to take the leap now and work through it.

If you want to recieve alerts whenever there is a new post, subscribe! Also, to comment you can enter your Facebook or Google+ information and post, which is another feature that was not previously available. Or, you can easily join and post in both the forums and comments section.

The website is also mobile friendly, but I have to admit, it is really dynamic in desktop mode. However you choose to read and interacte, I hope you find it interesting and useful.. Feel free to leave any feedback, suggestions, or let me know if you have any technical difficulties with the site.

I'm glad you are here!




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