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Mini Post 2: The Important 1111

Original Publication: Nov. 19, 2013 at theimportant1111blog.wordpress.com

When we see repeating numbers around us it is for a reason. Recognizing that repeating numbers have a meaning beyond their numerical value is based upon the idea or belief or knowledge of syncronicity. Syncronicity is difficult to describe. It feels like coincidence but at the same time it feels like it is something more. Syncronicity is how the universe connects and places you exactly where you need to be with whom you need to be for your highest benefit.

Those that begin to feel a strong, profound, and spiritual connection to someone they may not know so well might also see 11 11 repeated. Specifically, those that have found their twin soul see 11 11 a lot. Those that are beginning their spiritual paths see 11 11 too. You do not need to be going through one or both of those scenarios to experience syncronicity or 11 11. Life changes, mental expansion, finding purpose in life, spiritual growth, enlightenment, alignment with the Higher Self, are all situations that 11 11 represent. (There are many more situations that 1111 represents. We will talk in-depth about twin souls, soul mates, etcetera, in other posts.)

The repetition of 11 11 in our lives signifies that something transformative is happening. If we look closely at the numbers, they begin to seem not just like numbers, but like gates. 11 11. The 11 11 repetition in your life is because something new is coming into your life. Something in you is changing. Something you are doing is changing. Something is beginning while something else is ending.

Lastly, 11 11 is a sign to let you know that you are doing what is right for you and that you are doing what the universe has planned for you, what you want, what you have chosen, what your destiny is.


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