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Mini Post 4: Sacred Sex and Tantra and Who Practices It

Original Publication: Nove. 29, 2013 at

We all have male and masculine energy within us regardless of our sexual orientation. Sacred sex is about the unity and balance of these two seemingly opposing forces; therefore, anyone can practice this kind of spirituality.

Sacred sex can be practiced within or without a spiritual practice. Whether you are pagan, Hindu, Wiccan, polytheist, Buddhist, or adhere to nothing specifically sacred sex can be incorporated. What sacred sex does for us when we include it into our daily practices is that it liberates us, it connects us to one another in a most divine, pleasurable way, and it connects us to ourselves. It is not about repressing our sexuality. It is about expressing our true self, it is about embracing ourselves completely and loving ourselves as we are. Through sacred sex we can become intimate with the divine and with the divine within us.

Because we all have female and male energies in our souls gay/lesbian couples can also practice sacred sex. The nature of homosexual relations demands that the sexual positions be adjusted, but the manner in which the energy is balanced and transferred between the two beings is the same as that of a heterosexual couple.

The difference between sacred sex and Tantra is that Tantra comes enveloped in Hindi beliefs. This means that Tantra is always referring to the Hindu Gods and the practices of Hinduism. Sacred sex, however, does not have to refer to any specific Gods or practices and can be practiced on its own. Though sacred sex and Tantra diverge, they both have the same principles and they both share sexual methods. For example, if you don't believe in multiple gods or find that Hinduism is not for you, that is okay, you can still apply the teachings of the Kama Sutra (and other Hindi works on the subject) and Tantra and what you would get is sacred sex.

Sacred sex does not originate from Hinduism, but it is Hinduism that has preserved and made known to us the words of the Kama Sutra, The Perfumed Garden, etcetera. Sacred sex and Tantra are ways that we can practice and experience the original energy that created the universe. By having sex and mixing and separating the male and female energies within us and within our partners, we are reenacting the movements of the universe. Through various sexual positions and breathing techniques we can experience the movement of the divine within ourselves. Sacred sex is to transcend the bounds of the physical world by physical means through physical pleasure.

Namaste my friends,


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