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Writer & Sexologist

Melissa is a 5th generation spiritual guide and healer who specializes in helping others find their own spiritual path. She is also a sex and relationship therapist practicing in NYC.


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Love Through The Different Bodies of The Soul

Original Publication: Dec. 25, 2013 at theimportant1111blog.wordpress.com

It is so easy to forget Love. It is so easy to forget what love is and what it feels like. And even though we may know what love is or have ideas about what it is, some of us have never truly experienced love fully, unbounded love. The physical world puts limitations on this thing called Love, limitations on a thing that truly has no limits. What does love feel like? What is it like to feel limitless love? It has no reason to it. And it just happens. I believe that in order to know and learn certain soul lessons one has to experience them at all the levels of existence; meaning at the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the astral level. To understand love physically is to feel the body's reaction to a lover's touch. To understand love physically is to feel the warmth of sister's hug. Feel the tingling sensation as his hand brushes a strand of hair from your face. Feel her nails scratching your back. These things are the effects of love, whether erotic, romantic, or familial and they are important to understanding this ethereal thing. To know love emotionally is to feel it in a non-physical manner. Feel the expansion of your heart as you think of that person. Know love through your emotionally body and feel compassion for someone you see suffering. To understand love or to know love through the mental body is to read about it, to see it and perceive it through those eyes of yours, to talk about it and question it. Doubt love and deny yourself love, deny love to others. All of the tumults of the mind put Love through tests and trails that will only expand your Soul's knowledge of it. Even when we try to avoid the difficulties that Love presents in our lives and to rationalize it with our minds, Love evades our feeble attempts and we are left feeling distraught, all the more in love, and with a hole in our hearts. Therefore we must embrace all the aspect of love because we

cannot only take a piece of it and expect to reap all the benefits it has to offer. To understand love on the astral level is difficult for me to explain. I cannot explain it to you. I can tell you that in my spiritual practice and in my meditations I have felt and seen beautiful things, I have seen someone infinitely wiser than me love me unconditionally. I have seen and felt eyes lovingly look upon me despite having done something wrong or having been bad and hurtful towards someone. So much forgiveness and loving is undoubtedly divine and humbling. So love on the astral plane is something that words cannot fully express but it is something that we can all experience.

The thing about the different aspects of our existence (the physical, mental, emotional, astral) is that though they are classified separately and each have different characteristics and functions, they are all interconnected, rather they are all One. No matter how hard you try to not feel you will still be feeling. You will either feel an emptiness, a vacuum within, or you will feel a tightness in your chest, or you will feel highly in control. No matter how much you try not to think you will always be thinking. Even in the silence of meditation your mind will always be working. The mind is bound by the brain and so it belongs to the physical body. Does this mean that once we die we no longer think? No, whether this is good or bad news to you I don't know. Because the mental is a part of the overall Soul and the energy is always flowing between the different bodies because they are all One, the knowledge and memories you have now will go with you when you leave this plane of existence. Like the body has the five or six senses, the Soul has its own senses.

Of all the things the Soul experiences through the physical body, love is only one of them. When I say the Soul I mean you. You experience love through the physical, mental, emotional, astral body. I experience love through these different aspects of my being. The different bodies, as they are called, all function simultaneously and they are all necessary to the other.

When we reach the point that we feel love for someone without reason, meaning that we love them for exactly what they are, flawed and all, this is when we are aligned with our Higher Self. This is when we are being our true selves. This is when you are in your divine state. Love is not something that is exclusive to heterosexual couples or only for the rich or for the poor. Love is universal and it is even experienced by animals. Love permeates the whole universe. Love manifests in different ways and is felt differently, it is pulsating, it is beating like your heart.



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