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Melissa Portan LMSW, MEd

Writer & Sexologist

Melissa is a 5th generation spiritual guide who specializes in helping others find their own spiritual path. She is also a sex and relationship therapist practicing in NYC.


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Recommendation: Ekhart Yoga

Before I say anything about Ekhart Yoga I want to make it clear that this is not an advertisement. I am in no way affiliated with Ekhart Yoga. I am not getting compensated for saying anything about Ekhart Yoga. The people at Ekhart Yoga don't even know I exist. That being out of the way, Ekhart Yoga is amazing and I highly recommend you join their site.

What is Ekhart Yoga? Ekhart Yoga is a website with yoga video lessons. It also has a blog that covers topics ranging from yoga to diet, to anatomy and meditation, and so much more. The videos range from beginner to advanced and there are multiple instructors who each bring their own experiences and teaching styles.

I started using Ekhart Yoga a few years ago and I started through their free YouTube videos. And, as is often then case when starting something new and trying to keep a routine, I stopped. I fell out of my yoga routine for many reasons. Every once in a while I would practice yoga, still using their YouTube videos and others, but it was never a solid and steady practice. And now, I have returned to Ekhart Yoga because of a summer special they offered me. I've been looking for something I could do, some form of exercise, that would have purpose and meaning beyond weight-loss and muscle tone. And I thought about joining a yoga studio; I am no stranger to schools of the sort and just didn't want to bother with it. So, I restarted my membership with Ekhart Yoga.

It's been a little more than two weeks since I rejoined Ekhart Yoga and I already feel a difference in not only my body, but also my mind. Nothing works like yoga and with great instructors, keeping up a steady practice has been easy for me. What I love about the vast video library is that I can always find something that works for what I am in the mood for or what I want to achieve. They even have a Yoga for Women section!

The variety of videos and the different instructors allow me to choose what works for me. And through this, I have been learning about my own yoga practice. If I were to go to a yoga studio, and there's a new one in my neighborhood I considered visiting, there would probably be just one or two instructors. What if I don't like them? What if their teaching style doesn't work for me? I would have to leave the studio, find another, consider the rates, consider the time to get there, consider the time it would take me to get ready to go, and so on. With Ekhart Yoga, I can do yoga in my underwear! (And I do.) And if a pose is strong and twisty, I can fart and not be embarrassed about it. Nobody's gonna know (except you guys). I don't have time to travel to a yoga studio and spend money on tuition and travel expenses like bus/train fares. And honestly, nor do I have the funds to pay the tuition of a yoga studio. So for me, Ekhart Yoga is perfect. It is affordable and convenient. Truthfully, I also didn't want to deal with any egos and superficial characters, whether classmates or instructors. Going back to learning about my own yoga practice: Through practicing yoga at home I've been learning about what I like and what my body needs. Knowing these two things are essential to creating harmony in life, not just to physical health. I don't think I would have the freedom to explore these aspects of creating a yoga practice in a yoga studio. I would be too focused on getting the poses right, on keeping up with the class, and I can't deny that I am competitive (at least, I used to be, but I have learned that I am my own competition). The Ekhart Yoga instructors are conscientious about the many different levels of yoga students that are viewing their videos. The poses are well-explained but more than that, the instructors provide the philosophy behind the movement.

Ekhart Yoga is the real deal. Here are some of my favorite videos from their YouTube channel: Esther Teule's meditation videos (visit her website here), Esther Ekhart yoga videos (she is the co-founder of, and Andrew Wrenn is amazing and so calming, David Lurey is another great instructor. See if you like them too and explore their channel:

If you do like them, right now you get to join for $1 for the first month! There isn't a serious commitment and this allows you to see if Ekhart Yoga is a right fit for you. After the month trial, it is $12.50 a month. They also have an app so you can do yoga from wherever you are. And if you find that you are completely hooked, you can pay $120 for the whole year. (This information is accurate as of the writing of this post, but check their website for their current prices and offers.) There was a time when I couldn't afford the 12.50 a month and used YouTube channels to continue my sporadic yoga practice. So I will share those channels and write my recommendations for them as I understand that we can't all and always afford to pay however much is required for these things.

Namaste and happy exploring.



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