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Recommendation: Yoga YouTube

Yoga is a wonderful practice, whether you engage its spiritual aspects or just focus on the physical. The body responds well to the movements of yoga, healing and strengthening everything from the core to the toes and mind. I wrote a review of Ekhart Yoga (no affiliation, you can read the post here) because I use it and have found it very beneficial. Ekhart Yoga is a subscription service, not pricey, but even then may be out of reach for many. So here I’ll discuss a few YouTube channels that are, in my opinion, excellent sources for free yoga lessons.

  1. Yoga with Adrienne features a brilliant yoga instructor named Adrienne.

Her channel has over 200 videos featuring full lessons that sometimes almost reach an hour in length.. She is full of positivity, understanding, and has a very approachable and flexible teaching style. Some of Adrienne’s videos are focused on specific goals; for example, weight loss, balancing, and internal harmony.

  1. Ekhart Yoga. Ekhart Yoga has a YouTube channel with over 600 videos for all levels

of students. These videos are high quality, often short (10 – 20 minutes), very informative, and showcase a diverse set of yoga teachers. That’s my favorite thing about Ekhart Yoga; their teachers are diverse; different body types, teaching styles, and philosophies.

  1. Soft Music and Yoga, Yoga Yak. This channel is a great source for meditation music. I use this channel primarily for the long music videos, sometimes 11 hour videos. The yoga lessons featured in this channel often run for more than an hour and are shot with nature as he backdrop. The lessons usually begin with a discussion by the instructor and this is one of the reasons why I don’t use it often for yoga. You can always skip over those section, but sometimes the lecture can be educational.

For now, these are all the channels I can confidently recommend to you. As time goes on, I will write another post with more recommendations.

Know any good YouTube yoga channels or a website? Leave your recommendation in the comments.


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