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I believe love is the sun of the soul. With love in our hearts to light our way we are never lost, only exploring. 

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Twin Souls: My Approach

Writing about twin souls is a challenge. The truth is that writing for any of the topics covered here is a challenge and often it is not about the lack of information, or the challenge of finding reliable sources, but more so because these are topics that are “out there.” Nope, I am not complaining. I rather enjoy a challenge and if there isn’t one, then I get bored and tend to abandon the task. The difficulties I encounter in posting about twin souls can sometimes be due to the excessive amount of information available, how it is mostly inaccurate or unrealistic, and also the myriad of angles that the topic has. Every time I set out to write a post my utmost goal is to inform and educate with an undercurrent to learn. Something to keep in mind when reading about twin souls is that this information is not found in textbooks or few books, and it is a topic that is very esoteric and spiritual. When something is spiritual before anything else you will run into varying issues that relate to personal spiritual/religious beliefs.

I try to keep my writing as open as I can, meaning that I try not to impose my spiritual beliefs on my readers. I know in my very core that my way is not the only way, that there is not just one way to gain spiritual insight, and in writing for this blog, regardless which topic, I emphasize that point. I write about twin souls from the point of the soul, from the heart. This is because, like I said, information on twin souls is not normally found in books and it is instead found in one’s heart. I approach the topic from the point of love; however, I also try and need to maintain a balance. To keep a balance in my writing and so that it is most beneficial to you, I keep myself grounded in reality. Too often I’ve read posts on twin souls where they just sound like fantasy novels. People get taken by the romance of the relationship and neglect the harsher truths.

I love the truth. I prefer the truth. I pursue the truth. I’d rather know the painful truth than live happily embraced by lies. I guess that someone reading my blog may assume that I am a very spiritual person and they may have the idea that I lead life like a yogi or am someone who is always happy. Well, that’s just not true. I am as much a student as anyone out there who is reading this. I am very spiritual, but that does not mean that it is the only thing I am nor is it the first thing I see. What I mean by this is that sometimes the first thing I see when dealing with an issue is not the spiritual causes but the logical/practical aspects. That is how I approach the twin soul topic. And sometimes that means that I will write things that people may not want to hear. But I will not compromise the integrity of my posts just to keep readers or to gain new ones.

It is inevitable that my posts take a spiritual turn in tone as the topic itself demands it. And when it comes to twin souls I have found that to tackle some of the issues found therein there needs to be an understanding of another spiritual topic; such as, meditation. So when I write about twin souls I do encourage you to study other aspects of your spiritual self. The twin soul is just one aspect of yourself, there is so much more for you to learn and explore. Many writers of the topic treat it as if it were the absolute, the whole of everything. I treat the twin souls as a piece of the puzzle: It is no less valuable for that, but the twin soul is not the center of everything. This is most likely an unpopular thing to say, but when seeing the relationship as an element of the spiritual nature of life and the universe itself, everything seems to fall into place.

My experiences with my own twin soul inform my posts. When you meet your twin, everything changes, from your spiritual perspective to how you feel while performing mundane tasks. One of the things all twin soul relationships seem to have in common is the spiritual revolution that happens during the initial meeting. However, I think that the spiritual awakening we all refer to is often lumped together with the initial meeting either because of the proximity of the events or the whirlwind of emotions that make it hard to distinguish between the two. My spiritual awakening, as we call it, happened independently of my twin. Instinct tells me that this may be the case for many others too. This is one of the reasons I emphasize the need to focus on your own spiritual self, even more so since the nature of the relationship lies primarily in the soul than on the physical.

I am very much a skeptic. I question. I doubt. I don’t just accept things because it sounds nice and reads well, or because someone speaks with confidence and charm. It’s just who I am; a very jaded New Yorker. My doubts lead me to ask questions and usually that’s how posts take form. It all begins with a question.


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