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Founder & Sexologist

I believe love is the sun of the soul. With love in our hearts to light our way we are never lost, only exploring. 

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Mini Post 20: Life in Color

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

What the soul actually is, is not something words can sufficiently describe. We try to describe and understand the soul in terms of words, emotions, scientific terms, and so on, and every time we fall short of reaching a deeper understanding.

Life itself is a spectrum of light. The light we see reflected in water, the light that bounces off a mirror, the light the warms our skin as we stroll down the street, the light in his eyes, all of these are life itself. So what is the soul if not life itself?

The connections we build with each other, the sensation of falling love, the hurt of loss, are all part of the soul and life. The colors of a sunset inspire millions of voices. The light captured in a floating bubble of soap exudes the innocence of child. The color of a garment serves to express what’s inside while the color of the walls around us serve to comfort what’s inside. So, if what’s inside resonates with the colors of the external, then what is the soul if not color itself?

Light is energy and as it moves through the universe it changes color. Life is the energy of light.

Seeing life through color is one way of looking at existence. Depending on what we are referring to, the darker shades of light represent something. For example, if we apply this metaphor of life being a spectrum to human nature, then we can describe the darker colors as the harmful aspects of humanity while referring to the light and bright colors as all the goodness found in humanity. If we apply this idea of the spectrum to the physical reality, then we can say that the dark and denser colors refer to the biggest and heaviest and largest physical aspects of life, like mountains, while the lightest colors can be the sky and intangible oxygen we breathe.

When it comes to seeing the soul, to actually seeing the soul, each soul looks different. Our souls are housed in these temporal bodies yet it manages to radiate, to filter through the physical barriers and it is this part of the soul that is described as the aura. So when someone is looking at another’s aura, he or she is not looking at the soul per se, but it is more like looking at the rays of the sun bouncing off a rain-soaked grey cloud.


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