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I believe love is the sun of the soul. With love in our hearts to light our way we are never lost, only exploring. 

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Twin Souls: The Emotional Bond

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

The bond between twin souls extends beyond their physical bodies and reaches across distances close and far. The emotional bond between the twins allows for an exchange of emotions between them. This means that one twin can feel when the other is happy, sad, or upset. This is a type of communication known as telepathy.

Telepathic communication has many sides to it. Communicating through emotions is one way telepathy works. In other types of relationships, like soul mates, establishing a telepathic communication takes effort. For the twin souls, telepathy happens naturally and sometimes unwillingly.

The strength of the emotional bond grows as the twins grow together. Sometimes I suspect it is an ever present thing, an overlying aspect to a twin’s life since before they meet.

Here’s an example of one way the emotional bond manifests itself: Let’s say Twin A is sitting in a comfy chair reading a book, having some tea. Twin A is alone, enjoying some quiet time. Little by little Twin A starts to get distracted from the book. Little by little Twin A’s mood starts to dwindle until he or she becomes upset. Twin A is then confused because he or she does not understand why the sudden change of mood.

It becomes an issue when the twin is unaware of the existence of the emotional bond making the sudden changes in mood become even more jarring and stressful. As an important side note, I must stress that this is not the same as mental ailments such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, or any other. Though anxiety can be passed through the emotional bond between one twin to the other, it is not the same as the psychological ailment general anxiety disorder. And though the ups and downs of the emotional bond can make it feel like a mental disorder, it is not. This is why meditation is essential, of the utmost importance, pivotal, necessary, and so on, because it allows us to be aware. Through meditation we become aware of where that anxiety is coming from; from your partner or from yourself. However, again, this is important, if you feel that you are having mental difficulties that are beyond what you can handle, please find professional help. I am not a psychologist and we are discussing spiritual terms. I am not diagnosing you and nor do I recommend you diagnose yourself. It is important that I be clear when dealing with the sensitive topic of the mind and I want only that this be good and helpful for you.

Back to the bond and the stresses it causes. The lack of awareness one may have causes the emotional bond to be on the underground of our general mental/emotional activities while still having an effect. This is just one more thing that makes this relationship complicated and difficult to understand. By practicing meditation and awareness, you learn to distinguish between your own emotions and that of your twin. Once you can distinguish between each emotion and where they come from, you will understand. With this newfound understanding you gain control over your emotions, it’s like suddenly a weight is lifted off your chest. And then you can either communicate with your twin and try to figure out what the problem is, or if the emotions are positive, simply enjoy them.

But why does this happen? Twin souls are truly one soul. They are two aspects of the same thing. Their energies are constantly mixing and that allows for the exchange of everything between them.


Photo Credit: "Uphill" by Tuncay

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