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Physical Signs of Intuition or Spiritual Communication in the Body

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Ugh, my ears are itchy, my guides must be trying to tell me something. Ow! I bit my tongue! Someone must be talking about me. Some people believe that when they accidentally bite their tongues, it means that someone is gossiping about them or just generally saying something about them. To me, and at first glance, these are harmless superstitions. But then I realized that I too have my own way of interpreting specific sensations in my body as the result of spiritual communication.

It’s important to remember that we are not just our bodies. This is such an easy thing to forget with the constant stresses of life, but we are more than our physical selves. We are energy beings, our limitless souls are somehow contained in our bodies, and that power, that energy extends outwards in what is known as the aura. We are fields of energies and when we, our energies, come into contact with other energies, our bodies may produce a reaction. For every person, the physical reaction is different.

Spiritual communication is complex and has different levels of awareness, meaning that spiritual communication can range from a gut feeling to a full-blown conversation. A spiritual communication can be a warning, a word of advice, comfort, and an endless array of contact. Since everyone has different beliefs, different ways of viewing the world, and different sensitivity to energy, the physical reactions in your body will depend on the combination of these things.

If you want to know whether what you are feeling or sensing is some sort of spiritual contact/communication, then here are the things you should consider or establish:

1. Do you believe that if your ears are itchy or uncomfortable, or maybe even a ringing, is the result of attempted spiritual communication? Do you believe if you bite your tongue, then somebody is talking about? Does your knee hurt, or any other bone in your body hurt, when there is negative energy near? Do you believe this is possible? Basically, what do you believe?

The reason establishing and identifying what you believe is first and most important is because belief opens your mind and your energies. If you believe your hand itches when something good will happen, then this how your body will perceive the sign/communication. The mind/soul is the origin for the physical body and having a certain belief will allow for it to come into manifestation as a physical sensation.

2. Do the physical sensations in your body match your suspicions/guesses? Meaning, did what you believed would happen actually happen?

For example, let’s say you believe that when your left ear itches it is because someone is saying negative things about you and when your right ear itches, somebody is saying good things about you. So, you are just walking around, or maybe chatting with a friend, when your left ear starts to itch. You pause and wonder who is saying negative things about you. A few days later, you find out that one of your friends had been spreading rumors or had something negative to say, or maybe, you just receive bad news. In this case, your intuition that the itching of the ears was some sort of spiritual communication, is accurate. Though, in a case like this, it is more like intuition than actual spiritual communication. In order for it to be a spiritual communication the information would have to be more accurate and detailed. For example, you immediately know who is talking about you, can level a pretty good guess as to what they are saying, and may even see the person, either doing the talking or a static image. But again, the line between intuition and spiritual communication is very fine. This second iteration of a possible scenario may still just be your intuition with a mixture of telepathy. (This is all a form of telepathy, but more indirect and unaware.) To say without a doubt that there was spiritual communication you would have to be able to perceive your guides and converse with them. This is rare. In a way, all of these different scenarios are a form of spiritual communication because you are tapping into the connections of Spirit/Soul and are reaching out to other Spirits/Souls/Energies/Consciousness.

Once you establish confidence and faith in your intuition/spiritual communication abilities, you will find that these ways of sensing will never fail you. Experiencing moments and events where your intuition and interpretation of these sensations are confirmed by what happens will further solidify your abilities. If you develop your intuition and extra senses, you can grow into higher wisdom.

So, how do you sense other energies/beings? Share your experiences in the comments below.


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