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Reincarnation: Soul Age

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Soul age cannot be quantified. By which parameters do we measure one’s soul age? By the age of the universe itself? By the creation and formation of this planet Earth? Time is a constraint of the passing of life through the physical body, which the soul is not beholden to.

If you are the one people turn to for advice on everything, you have probably been called an old soul. Being an old soul has very little to do with the number of years your soul has been around. The amount of time that has passed since your creation does have an effect on your soul, but the effect it has on your wisdom depends wholly on you. It is wisdom that makes someone an old soul, not the passage of time. This is why soul age cannot be quantified. It is more accurate to say soul maturity than soul age.

So, what is an old soul?

To put things into a perspective that is more approachable to the mind, let’s limit ourselves to discussing only the passage of time on the planet Earth, and more specifically, to the passage of time of humanity and its civilizations. So now we have somewhat of a time-frame, though historians, archaeologists, and physicists, often disagree on Earth’s and humanity’s timeline, and that’s not even including the disagreements religion causes. According to archaeologists and scientists, the modern human has existed on this planet for somewhere around 200,000 years. The tenets of civilization were established only some 6,000 years ago[1], but Australia’s Aboriginal civilization is the oldest on the planet, dating back some 50,000 years[2].

Being 1,000 years old in a timeline of about 200,000 years old is very little time. Furthermore, let’s say you are 1,000 years old, but you have only spent around 600 years on Earth reincarnating. So, yes, maybe your soul is 1,000 years old but the experience you have had has only been 600 years, and from that the wisdom you gained and retained may equate to 300 years or even less. So, giving your soul an age number is impractical, complicated, and relative. Perhaps you are now wondering what happened during those 400 years where you were not on Earth physically. There are many theories as to what happens in the time between lives and for simplicity, we will leave that discussion for another day.

The misunderstanding and equation of soul age with soul maturity can lead to severe disappointment in those who discover or explore their soul history. For example, someone discovers that they are around 2,000 years old and yet feels lost in life, has done a lot of mistakes (like we all have and do), has a very difficult life, and so on, may feel a deep sense of disappointment in themselves. This is because in our linear perspectives of time and our physical sense of time, maturity comes with age, maturity comes with the physical changes of the body. You expect someone who is in their sixties to have profound wisdom and when you apply this expectation to yourself, to your soul age, you might see some discrepancies. But we often forget that it is not always the case; just because someone is older does not mean that they are wiser. An example of age being only a number, in terms of wisdom, can be seen in children cancer patients. The stories of strength, calm, and wisdom in children suffering from terminal illnesses are bountiful and always inspiring, touching, and surprising; surprising because it goes against conventional knowledge that is based on the physical constraints of the maturation of the body. We are so wrapped up in our physical bodies that we forget the boundlessness of the soul.





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