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I believe love is the sun of the soul. With love in our hearts to light our way we are never lost, only exploring. 

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Reasons A Spell Might Fail

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Spells sometimes fail, meaning that the result that was intended did not occur. Let’s say you made a spell to attract love, yet no love appears. Why is that? On the surface, spell work is simple; you write or say a few words, maybe light some candles, and then your spell is complete. Of course, spells can sometimes be complex, but this is the most basic type of spell there is, not even needing a candle just words. What is most frustrating is when you work on a spell, spend time preparing it, gathering materials, preparing your circle, putting all of your energy into the work, and then time passes and nothing happens. You start to wonder why it didn’t work, if you did something wrong, can you even do magic, is magic even real?

Here are a few reasons why your spell might have failed:

Reason #1: The most common reason a spell fails is because of doubt. For beginners, doubt is the biggest obstacle. Doubting whether magic actually exists, if magic works, weakens your spell and abilities to the point that it can undo whatever spell work you do. Constantly thinking about your spell causes doubt and weakens its effectiveness. Once your spell work is done, let it go, and move on. You must trust that it will work and let it go.

Reason #2: Improper or little knowledge of how spells, magic, and energy works. In doing spell work you are dealing with the energy that is behind the physical reality. If you don’t have at least a basic understanding of how this metaphysical energy moves, then your spells may not function. Some might argue that you don’t need to know or understand much of how the universal energy works, and I agree, but to a point. For basic spells, faith and will may be enough, but for more complex works, and in order to work with spiritual beings, a more comprehensive knowledge is required. So, study and do so with an open mind. Explore different possibilities and theories. When you find the practice and form that is aligned with you, your spell work will blossom.

Reason #3: It is not meant to be. Sometimes what you want to happen is not meant to happen. This is the toughest lesson to embrace as it requires surrendering your desires, sometimes your needs, and bowing in humility. It may seem contradictory to the philosophy behind performing spell work because spell work is done to change/create your destiny. Having to let go of a desired outcome may cause a sensation of falling, like when the elevator is suddenly slowing down to a stop. If this tells you anything it is that your desire/needs are deeply rooted in your ego. Many practice magic from the standpoint of the ego, but doing so is not healthy, not mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. The ego is fragile and when hurt its first instinct is to lash out, hence the danger in practicing magic from the ego is that you will, in turn, harm others.

Unfortunately, many practice spell work to harm others, but they are hurting themselves as much as they are hurting others. These types of practitioners are just simply unware of the harm they are causing themselves and perhaps presently unaffected by it, for now.

So, before you try another spell, consider the aforementioned points and whether you did any of them. Once you become aware of your mistakes, you can move on to improve your craft.


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