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Cleansing & Protecting Your Energy Using Lotions, Body Oils, & Perfumes

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

We exist in a physical reality, yet beneath everything there is a constant buzz, a constant vibration that we recognize as energy. This energy extends from within us, expanding tendrils of our souls, and it is in constant interaction with the world around. It happens sometimes, that your energy comes into contact with other energies. For example, a simple handshake provides a very brief exchange of energy. A kiss, a look, a sexual union, all provide opportunities for an exchange of energy. In this post we are not looking at the exchanges of energy that occur during sex and how to avoid or cleanse those energies, rather we are going to focus on the small everyday contacts that can snowball and affect our moods, outcomes, and so on.

You can cleanse your energy in many different ways, but the one I think is most overlooked is using lotions, body oils, and perfumes, basically, any type of ointment you put on your body. This can be your favorite perfumed lotion, or the body oil you apply right after the shower. Any liquid and cream that you put on your body can serve as an energetic “shield” of sorts.

How to do it.

Let’s choose a perfume/cologne for this example. I like using perfumes as energetic cleansers and protection potions because no one can tell! I will smell like perfume, not like sage smoke! So once you have chosen your perfume or cologne, you will take it to your sacred space. See, that’s the catch in all of this. In order for these protections and cleansings to work you need to have a consistent spiritual practice and sacred space. Your space can be a huge alter in a room specific to your practice, or it can be a little corner in the living room. Wherever your sacred space is and however small or big it is, and whomever it is dedicated to, that is where you want to “program” your perfume or cologne. Also, you need to keep this perfume/cologne in your sacred space.

Your perfume/cologne will become a cleansing and protecting potion in two ways. 1. By virtue of simply being in your sacred place it will absorb those higher and positive energies. And so, when you use your perfume/cologne, it will cover you in those energies it has absorbed from your sacred space. 2. Every time you use your perfume/cologne turned spiritual cleanser and protector, you will affect its energy. It will adjust to you and with your intention of using this perfume or cologne as an energy protection and cleansing agent it will strengthen its capabilities.

The last and most important thing you need to do for this to work is have an invocation and dedication specific for this mini ritual. Because that’s what this is, a ritual. As you may have guessed by the name of this very blog, I do a lot of work with and for the Goddess of the Moon. My invocations and dedications are often focused on her.

Here are a few sample templates you can adjust for your invocations and dedications:

May (name of your deity) cleanse and protect me today.

  • As you say something along these lines you are spraying your perfume or cologne.

In the name of (name/title of your deity) I cleanse myself of negative energies and protect myself against (whatever you are often prone receiving such as; envy, accidents, etc.)

  • Keep in mind that if you are going to be using this technique of protection and cleansing, you will be working with the energies of whomever you invoke. That means that there needs to be love between you, between you and who you are worshipping and asking for protection. This includes making offerings and keeping a sacred space.

You can, however, be more secular and say something along these lines: I cleanse myself from negative energies and protect myself from (whatever you want to avoid).

Spirituality versus Psychology. Because of my spiritual beliefs, I see the effectiveness of this ritual/routine as being primarily due to the benevolence of my Goddess and Gods. However, I recognize that there is also a psychological element that is quite powerful. Having this routine makes me feel like I am ready to start my day, ready to face whatever may come. This is a mental process that prepares me to face whatever negativity I may encounter. If I do not use my perfume before I leave my apartment, I feel like something is missing. This is a heavily psychological aspect but I believe that it also has to do with missing the energy of my Mother Goddess. So, I believe that the effectiveness of having such a ritual is due to a combination of psychology and spirituality.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of negative energy in the world and even within ourselves. This is why just doing this type of cleansing and protection ritual is not enough. A spiritual and meditation practice is important, it is the foundation and precursor to such a ritual. Having mental and emotional fortitude is also important, just as being able to reach out for help, to take breaks, to embrace the bad days and even the negative energy.



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