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Book Review: Tarot: an easy to follow illustrated guide to the mysteries of the Tarot

A gift given to my mom. I temporarily stole the book from her because it was so good. So, I decided to do this review.

Tarot cards are an ancient tool of wisdom. Tarot is also a method of divination, a way that allows one to connect to the divine and secrets of the universe. What mostly attracts people to the Tarot is the divination part; the part where we get to ask questions about who we are going to marry, or if life is going to go as planned. Life is an uncertain thing and for many the Tarot provide guidance.

Unfortunately, many that look into the Tarot and want to learn how to do it themselves end up getting discouraged. There are many layers to the Tarot, many ways of reading and interpreting their messages, many different types of decks, and it can all be very confusing for the beginner.

Well, be discouraged no more! I found this little set of beginner’s Tarot. Ta Da! Here it is, Tarot: an easy to follow illustrated guide to the mysteries of the Tarot by Jonathan Dee. When I got my hands on it, I couldn’t put the book down. The book is beautifully illustrated, the pages are semi-glossy (love the feel of the pages), and the explanations of each card is easy to understand. Usually, in Tarot books, the explanations are lengthy and loaded with heavy ideas, even with the opinions and beliefs of the author. But this little book gives the bare boned truth of each card in this specific deck. I say in this specific deck because each Tarot deck is different and depending on the design meaning will vary, making it all the more difficult for the beginner. But always, the Tarot cards each have a basic meaning, a fundamental meaning that is present throughout all of the traditional Tarot decks of the world. (Traditional meaning with the 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. Not, for example, Angel Tarot Cards

The cards are easy to handle, they fit perfectly in the hands, and the artwork is beautiful, but not overwhelming. There aren’t that many hidden symbols or imagery that will confuse or distract. And the deck has an overall old-world-feel to it. The dominant hues used in the deck make them feel like precious antiques.

And not only are the meanings of each card easy to understand, but the reverse meaning is also included. Most beginner Tarot books neglect the reversed meaning section because of fear of confusing the beginner. I wasn’t confused with any of the meanings and actually learned a few things. I don’t have the book anymore, my mom watches over it like a hawk, so I’ll have to get my own to keep learning. In this case, I don’t mind buying the book since it is under $10 at Amazon. There are a few copies on Amazon, but I’m sure you can find it elsewhere.

I highly recommend this book, and if you can get the whole set even better, for those of you who want learn about the Tarot. For those of you who have many questions not only about love but about spirituality, this is a great way to start an exploration.

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