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Founder & Sexologist

I believe love is the sun of the soul. With love in our hearts to light our way we are never lost, only exploring. 

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Categorizing Love

When it comes to love, there is an obsession that overwhelms people. Almost everyone is searching for love. We all go about it differently. Some use online dating and now, dating apps. Others stick to traditional forms of finding love and use their friends, family, or leave it to chance. Somehow, we are all searching for love. We are always hoping to find that other person that will brighten our worlds that will make everything seem better, and even change us. Love has never been simple. Some might say that finding love used to be simple or easy, but really, that has never been the case. There have always been barriers to love, whether racial, or gender issues, religious issues, and so on. And then there are the barriers that we ourselves put up and keep love away. Regardless of where we stand, there seems to be a new focus when it comes to love.

With the advent of technology and these new dating apps, and with the overwhelming information on the topic of love, people are trying, perhaps more than ever, to categorize love. What do I mean by this? For example, in this log we talk about the different aspects of love and we also talk about soul mates, twin souls, and near twins. Just in this blog there are these numerous categories with various theories, ideas, advice, random thoughts, and critiques, and they are all related. If you search the internet for information on how to find love, you will get countless results. The mind, naturally, wants to understand things. The scientific mind wants to know everything and in its efforts it strives to categorize everything.

What is happening more and more is that people are hyper-focused on finding their soul mate or twin. And so what happens is that people begin to categorize their interactions, often dismissing relationships, or leaving a relationship. That is the problem with overly categorizing love. Really, there are no clear cuts in love. Love is an intangible thing that flows and intertwines itself through the universe. So, when we try to organize and untangle this massive, infinite thing, mistakes are bound to be made and confusion will ensue.


Another side effect of hyper-focusing on finding a soul mate or twin soul is the negligence of everything else. If you’re searching for your twin, that becomes your obsession, and you neglect the spiritual aspects of your life or relationship. This is hard to do in a twin soul relationship because it does not exist without some form of spirituality, but it does happen. For example, you might not meditate as much as you used to. You might forget to study about your specific form of spirituality and instead research everything you can about twin souls. And if you’re searching for your soul mate, you might disregard relationships because they don’t meet your standards and expectations. There are no clear solutions for this type of hyper-focus, for this obsession. However, I do suggest that you try to balance your life and your mind.

It is natural to fall out of balance, to every now and again become obsessed, overwhelmed, upset, hurt, etcetera. Being able to identify things and clearly state what they are brings comfort. That is what is behind our efforts to categorize love, because we want to understand it, we want to feel we have the upper hand when it comes to love. Love has been categorized since the times of the ancient Greeks. We should still study it, talk about, criticize it, and try to experience it. Yet we should not get so involved in our studies, in efforts to know exactly what love is, that we forget to actually enjoy it.


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