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Hot Post: The Female Breast Orgasm


The female breast orgasm is little known. Scientists have no conclusive answers or evidence that explains orgasms caused by breast and nipple stimulation. Although it is not wildly known and although many women do not experience it, it does not mean it does not happen. There are instances where nursing women have orgasms, women that while breastfeeding have orgasms, and are too ashamed to speak about it. There are also instances where the breast orgasm is too weak or not recognized by the woman and so the orgasm is mixed in with the clitoral/vaginal orgasm. It is important to remember that human sexuality is complicated and perhaps will never be fully understood. The mysteries of the female body are many. (Men are also capable of having an orgasm through nipple-breast stimulation. More in another post.)

Your breasts and the potential for orgasm:

In order to experience the breast orgasm, either alone or with a partner, there first needs to be love. There needs to be love for the self. In order to experience the breast orgasm, you have to think your breasts are sexy, you have to feel your breasts are sexy. In metaphysical terms, loving your breasts will open up your heart chakra, will arouse your sacral and root chakras, causing growing sensitivity in your breasts. In a way, when you admire and love your breasts, whether an A cup or a D cup, you are removing a blockage from you mind and letting yourself experience this new type of orgasm.

There are ways you can work on feeling comfortable with your breasts, feeling sexy about your breasts; such as, lingerie that accentuates your breasts but does not add a size, self-massage, sex toys, meditation, masturbation, and sex. Knowing your own body will allow you to take it further, so when you know which parts of your breasts are most sensitive, how you like to be touched, you get closer to that orgasm. It is not about planning or having a method to have a breast orgasm, but about letting it happen.

Understanding the breast orgasm:

Physically, the nerves at the tip of the breasts connect to the nerves in the clitoris. When the clitoris is stimulated so are the nipples. That is why the nipples get hard when the clitoris is being touched. One way to think about the breasts-clitoris connection is as a triangle. Sexual energy flows from point to point, from nipple to nipple down to the clitoris. The breast orgasm can be as intense as a clitoral orgasm. To feel the intensity of pleasure on all of three points is orgasmic, ending usually in a clitoral orgasm. And so, the breast orgasm happens when only two of those three points light up, the


During arousal, the nipples become erect and there is very sight swelling of the breasts. With the increase of blood flow, hormones, and excitement, the nipples become extra sensitive. Arousal is the most important part of the breast orgasm. However aroused a woman is, is how intense the orgasm will be.

What does the breast orgasm feel or look like? The vaginal-clitoral orgasm is a series of uncontrollable muscles spasms in the interior of the vagina that cause the brain to release what is experienced as an orgasm. The breast orgasm is felt in the breasts, meaning that the muscles underneath the breasts spasm. These muscles do not spasm violently, it is more of a clenching and releasing, like when exercising (push-ups or weight lifting). And the intense pleasure and arousal goes forth from within the breasts to the tips of the nipples, feeling hot and perhaps tingle. The vagina reacts in unison to breast orgasm but the pleasure comes from the nipples and that is the orgasm. For some women the breast orgasm might cause a domino effect, causing a clitoral or vaginal orgasm (perhaps obscuring the breast orgasm), especially if being stimulated or penetrated. When a woman experiences a breast orgasm, her stomach will also tighten, her upper body might jolt upwards with the intense pleasure, and it will bring her closer to female ejaculation.

There are a few things to note about a woman’s breasts and her orgasms. This is regardless of what type of orgasm: her menstrual cycle has effects on her orgasms, or arousal sensitivity-levels, where and how she likes to be touched, and energy level (fatigue). The constantly changing nature of woman’s sexuality is why men have such a difficult time pleasing a woman and why science is still in the theory forming phase. For some women, her menstrual cycle may have little effect on her breast sensitivity, but for others, her breasts might be very sensitive one month and the next not so. Every woman’s body is different and some only enjoy gentle caresses while others enjoy firmer touches, even pain. Again, the menstrual cycle might affect her preferences of touch.

How to cause the breast orgasm:

An orgasm is caused by many factors and its intensity also varies. When thinking about an orgasm, of a woman’s orgasm, consider the whole body. Once the whole body is in the picture, go a step further, and consider her mind and even her soul. An orgasm is not limited to just one part of the body. It is connected to the whole and her sexuality. The breast orgasm is caused primarily by stimulating the breasts, but it does not mean that that is the first place you start. Before you begin stimulating her breasts and going straight for the orgasm, you must first cause arousal to grow in her.

Let’s say that she is already aroused and is returning your touches. When you feel or sense that she is ready to be touched on her breasts, begin at the edges. Start as far away from the nipples as you can and move your way towards them. Circle the nipples, allow them to become erect. Start with gentle touches, slowly firming your caresses. Find what she likes and what turns her on the most. Kiss her, use your lips around her chest and arms. Save your tongue and lips until she is very aroused and cover her nipples with the warmth of your mouth. Massaging the breasts, using different strokes, moving your hands in different directions,  causes different sensations. Often, the underside of the breasts are neglected, touch her there, grab in an upwards motion, and squeeze deeply, slowly pulling down to the tips of her nipples.

The most important part of causing a breast orgasm is having near constant contact with her breasts and nipples. This means stimulating her breast and nipples in different ways and as much as possible, as much as it is pleasurable and does not tire or bore your partner. If you are a man, penetration does/can increase the possibility of a breast orgasm. If she is being penetrated, it does not necessarily mean that she will have a vaginal/clitoral orgasm. She is capable of multiple orgasms, a breast orgasm being one of them. If you are a woman, use your own breasts to stimulate her. The sensation of feeling your breasts on her nipples is different from the sensations your hands provide. Spiritually speaking, the energy in your breasts can affect the energy in her breasts, like two live wires touching (this is a something that happens in Tantra and sacred sex, often deliberately). If you have long hair, use your hair on her nipples and breast, down to her belly button. Find the techniques and touches that send your partner to orgasm.

Lastly, there are a few things that contribute to the female breast orgasm. Having pent-up sexual desire certainly enhances the experience. The more sexual energy or arousal a woman has stored, the stronger and intense the release of that energy will be. Touching other parts of her body does help and not objectifying her, not limiting her sexiness to one specific part of her body, too. At first, it may be difficult to have this type of orgasm, but as you become more familiar with your own body and with her body, things will begin to change. Sometimes this can be spontaneous, other times it may happen unnoticeably.

Tune into her body. Tune into your own body and let it happen.


Photo Credit: Melissa Portan

Photo Credit: Melissa Portan

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