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Mini Post 12: Spirit Guides

What are spirit guides? As the name states: spirit guides are spirits that guide people. But what are they? In the realm of the spiritual, behind the curtain, in the shadows, hidden away from the physical eyes are many things. The easiest type of non-physical thing you can encounter are ghosts. After ghosts you have spirit guides. Many believe that spirit guides are good spirits, spirits of the light, and that they are here for the good of humanity. However, not all spirit guides are good. Nowhere in the name spirit guide does it say good or bad; but it is the word guide that has positive connotations in our minds, hence the one-sided understanding.

Every one can have a spirit guide or many spirit guides. It is up to the person, his or her situation, and many many other factors, but it mostly depends on the person’s heart. There are different types of spirit guides, good and evil guides, family (ancestors), animal spirits, and even ghosts (though these are just restless spirits). How do you know you have a spirit guide? How can you see one? How can you meet your spirit guide? There are many answers to these questions. You can know you have a spirit guide because you can feel them, have strange experiences (synchronicity, excessive coincidences that aid you), through the third eye or what is commonly called as psychic abilities. You don’t need to be a medium or a psychic to communicate with your spirit guides, but delving into your own spirit is the best way, meaning meditation.

What do spirit guides look like? It depends and the person and his or her level consciousness. At first, when someone is beginning to explore the spiritual, the spirit guides will take on the form that is most approachable for the person, a form that will not scare the person and help advance his or her will and consciousness. This is referring to positive situations, not to those situations where a person is calling spirits to do his or her will (such as in dark witchcraft, voodoo, black magic, and so on) instead of asking for positive or elevating guidance. As the person matures spiritually and gains wisdom and knowledge, the spirit guides come forth in their true forms.

Spirit guides come when the heart calls and they can greatly elevate the mind and soul.


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