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Mini Post 13: Mini Exercise for Reflexology

I am not an expert in reflexology. I’m very new to this practice and weeks ago, I was skeptical of it. But recent experiences have changed my mind on this ancient practice. (Here is a little history and here is a useful video.) The idea is that the feet hold the map to the whole body. Stimulating certain points on the feet will affect other parts of the body. There are a few precautions that should be taken. It should not be practiced on pregnant women. Otherwise, it is an interesting way to improve health. But this exercise is not intended to bring about any changes, rather it is experimental. This is a way for you to test whether you’re interested.

Depending on how open you are to this idea and how sensitive you are to energy, you can start feeling the effects of reflexology. If you can sense energy, then you will most likely feel something if you do this little exercise. The exercise I am going to soon describe to you was not found in a book. It happened by accident! It is best if you have a partner do this, but I have found that you can experience what reflexology is about on your own. And if you have a partner, it might work as a way to connect more with him or her.

  1. Relax and tune into your body’s energy. You can do this by rubbing your hands together, then separating them, and feeling the energy flow from one palm to the other. Closing the eyes may enhance your ability to sense your energy. It may feel like heat at first, then you may be able to sense the pulsating nature of the energy. If you have a partner, rub your hands on his/hers and tune into each other. Maintain eye contact, connect breaths, and then close your eyes. This way you can sense each other’s energy with physically seeing each other.

  2. Hover your hands over the bottom of your feet. Barely touching, brush one area. For example, brush the curvature of the arch. Your touch should not be ticklish, find a balance between being ticklish and massage. Your touch should be right in the middle.

That’s it! What you might feel is a tingling sensation in another part of your body as you stimulate a specific area of your foot. Or you might feel your how body tingle, or get goose bumps. I just think it is so cool how the whole body is connected.


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