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Twin Souls: Separation

To get lost in someone else and feel total acceptance and love is something almost impossible to describe. But that is what happens when you meet your twin soul. It is the most intimate of earthly unions and there are different states of union along with different levels of union. I think there are two ways a twin soul relationship can begin: either the souls unite first and the twins know each other without having met, or the bodies meet first and then the souls begin to merge. Whichever way the twins meet, the union is intense and causes those involved in the relationship to question reality, spirit, and love.

But this losing of the self in the other twin is what makes a time of separation essential. Separation from the twin is painful, but it is a painful blessing. There is nothing like the feeling of unconditional love and wholeness that reaches beyond the reaches of the body and mind. As time passes and the twins continue to join each other, their identities get meshed together, and their energies blend. With the constant exchange of energy there begins to be communication between the souls and they feel each other, the know each other, and they understand each other completely. Eventually, both pickup on each other’s gestures and take some as their own. The differences between the twins begin to disappear. This is where the trouble begins though it might seem like paradise.

When the twins are so joined that their differences are very few, there is a loss of identity. Perhaps that is the original state of the twin souls when they are joined in the higher planes of consciousness, when finally the Super Souls of each are joined. But for an earthly life this kind of ultimate union causes an imbalance. Twin souls have the permission to change the world, all in a set of rules known as physics. The more enlightened the couple is and with effort they can affect reality. And so, when they are lost in each other all their energies are focused on the other person. Their love becomes selfish. I say selfish because twin souls are really one single super being split into two bodies, and so when they are focused solely on each other it is as if one were focused only on oneself. I want to be clear and tell you that this is not a bad thing, it is a beautiful aspect of love that not only twin souls experience. Everyone experiences this kind of loss when in love, all in varying degrees of intensity, but the twin soul union always has an intense spirituality. In this stage of the twin soul union both get to know each other and explore each other freely and fully. There are no bounds between them and love flows through them and around them. The problems begin when one or both of the twins begins to leave the true path of his or her purpose.

Everyone has something they came here to do because they want to do it or because they need to do, regardless of there being signs of a twin soul. When someone stops doing what he or she loves and brings independent happiness, a void begins to form in the heart. And this void begins to be filled by another person, creating dependency, fear of loss, need, jealousy, and so on. It is here that the twin souls begin to drift apart. They may not realize it, but they do begin to move away from their true selves, thereby moving away from each other. Only when they are true to themselves are they true to each other and only then are they together. The twins might not realize that they are moving away from each other and they might not realize that life begins to pull them away. Life, like an ocean, begins to pull at one of the twins while the other is left lost and confused. The one that is confused might think of the one being pulled away as the runner, but the truth is that there is very little control in the hands of the twin. At least, in that weakened state of consciousness where identity is foggy and desperation is the driving force behind all of his or her actions. The heart and the Soul, being all knowing, choose to become separate from the counterpart in order to regain clarity and solidify the true identity of either the male or female aspect of the being (the twins are the physical manifestation of either aspect).

The separation can take years or months. I don’t know and I think that every couple has different paths. Separation lasts as long as it needs to, as long as it takes each twin to realize how lost he or she had become. It is not until both let go of each other completely and see each other at a distance (metaphorically speaking) and they feel the pain of the separation, followed by the lifting of the weight of the other person, that the separation has served its purpose. After that, the reunion can begin.

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