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Twin Souls: Your Greatest Mirror

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Photo Credit: Hana Jang “Walk”

When I say that your twin soul is your greatest mirror I do not mean that your reflection will always be fabulous. This is true no matter how fabulous and how spiritually advanced you may be, or how great the people around you think you are. This is one thing that separates the twin soul relationship from all other types of earthy relationships. I say earthly relationships because there are the divine relationships; like you and your Higher Self, which is really just you, but way bigger; the big you. And there are the relationships you can establish with the Gods or with God and other beings of higher consciousness. The truth is that you are in a relationship with the Universe regardless of whether you found your twin soul or you think you have found your twin soul. You are in a relationship with the entire Universe and the twin soul is the physical manifestation of that.

The twin soul, being the embodiment of the divine relationships, will reflect back to you your true nature. It will reflect back your flaws, your deepest most inner workings, and it will also reflect your greatness, your divinity, and the possibilities inherent in you. So, your divine counterpart will challenge you profoundly. This may terrify you, not because he or she is too intrusive or too demanding or too judgmental, though that is how you will perceive it to be at first, but because you will be surprised, upset, frustrated, at what he or she uncovers in you.

Many do not know what a twin soul relationship is like or what it is or that it exists. Go here to read about what twin souls are. Some apply to it the ingrained expectations of how a relationship should be. This brings about great difficulties and repeating cycles of physical union and separation.

Since your twin soul is your greatest mirror he or she will reflect all aspects of your being. From your divine partner nothing will be kept from him and nothing will be kept from you. As a divine relationship (all relationships are divine somehow, just this is the ultimate earthly union for the advancement of your soul and for humanity) it brings with it a connection to spirituality. Regardless of which path it may be (Buddhism, Hinduism, Daoism, etcetera) the twin soul relationship is defined by its connection to the spiritual. And so, what this mirroring of your entire being does is it expands your consciousness and it ascends your consciousness. The rate at which a twin soul couple experiences this enlightenment, this expansion of consciousness, depends on the couple and their purpose on Earth. It can happen extremely quickly or in waves where the growth is experienced periodically, but the twins are always receiving energy and new knowledge and life challenges to further ascend and expand their being. Consciousness is limitless and so how a twin soul couple learns and expands their consciousness depends on them.

Although your twin soul will challenge you in ways you did not think possible, it will not be done from anywhere else but from the heart. All the things she will bring out from you, whether you like it or not, will be from the point of love. It will be a love that does not compare to anything less than the love of your God or Goddess (whichever you prefer or believe in. Follow what your heart tells you.) The way love is experienced by twin souls is intensely; love felt through all the bodies of the Soul at once. (Go here to read about love through the bodies of the soul and what this means.) When they fall in love they fall in love with their entire existence. Their minds are absolutely captivated by the other. Their bodies uncontrollably aroused by the mere sight of the other. Their hearts pound mutually loving each other without even knowing each other. And their souls mesh and dance with each other, mixing their energies.  Both feel absolutely unconditional love and acceptance for the other. They quickly, if not immediately, know each other’s flaws and short comings and without a conscious effort they challenge each other to improve or eliminate those flaws. But still, no matter how flawed the other may be, they do not stop loving each other. This love is insistent. Even after long periods of not physically being together or not expressing or being conscious of this love, it is instantly ignited, powerfully burning internally and externally. No matter how much one of the twins tries to stop loving the other, it is not possible, even in hate.

There are situations where one twin soul, because of his or her experiences in this and perhaps other lives, does not accept the other twin. For example, it can be that the twin does not meet his or her expectations of physical appearance or an ideal mate. The way twin souls challenge each other is often not in a conscious manner, meaning that they are not aware that their actions are opposing to the other and causing a challenge. Life and the Universe will put the pair in situations that reflect back their consciousness. Often, they experience extremely similar experiences separately. This is because one is the female energy embodied and the other is the male energy embodied, and so both learn differently. What they are aware of is the pain and suffering that those challenges may cause. However, as the twin soul relationship progresses and the spiritual awakening continues or quickens, twins becomes aware of their hurtful and challenging behaviors.

When you look into your twin’s eyes you will look into yourself. And the limits of your body and your very soul will cease to exist. Here you will become one with the other. Love will envelope this union of souls and nothing will be hidden, nothing will be secret. Your greatest mirror will allow you to admire yourself, but also to judge yourself, allowing you, in turn, to improve yourself.


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