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I believe love is the sun of the soul. With love in our hearts to light our way we are never lost, only exploring. 

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What can the Tarot Reveal?

The tarot is a very versatile tool, but what can we see when do readings or what can we expect to be told when receiving a reading? I went around the internet looking at tarot websites that connect tarot readers with customers and what I found was very disappointing and frustrating. First of all, there is always a disclaimer on the websites stating that the services (tarot readings, psychic readings, etc.) found there are for entertainment purposes only. This is the first thing that is frustrating and annoying about finding online tarot readings. Most people that search for a tarot reader do so because they need advice or guidance, not because they want to be entertained. I understand why there would be such a disclaimer, to protect the tarot readers and the companies, but tarot readings are not solely for entertainment, at least they should not be. When the tarot is not used for entertainment it is used as a self-help tool. The tarot provides insights to the mind and spirit and brings awareness to the reader and the person receiving the reading. Long ago, when the tarot was not so looked down upon, it was primarily used to foretell future events, but with growing religions and developing science, the belief that the future can be foreseen diminished. The tarot became a game and so that is how it has survived through the ages, disguised as a game anyone can play, to the point that there is always a disclaimer reminding us that it is for entertainment.

So the tarot can reveal someone’s mental state and attitude towards the world or present situation. But what about the divination aspect of the tarot? Can the tarot foresee the future? In my opinion, yes. Depending on how you look at the cards and what aspects of the deck you focus on, the tarot can be used for different things, like seeing the future. But this is where people get confused and snarky. When I say the tarot can see or tell us the future, I do not mean that the tarot is going to tell you exactly what is going to happen, where it is going to happen, how it is going to happen, and when it is going to happen. There are things in the future that won’t always be there, meaning that the future changes with the choices we make. There is destiny and there is choice in that destiny. When reading the tarot for the purpose of divining the future, it shows us what will happen if we make the choices we are in that moment, the moment of the reading, thinking of making. It shows us where the choices we made weeks or months ago are taking us, where the thoughts and mind are leading us. The tarot is a tool of empowerment, not over the elements, or the future, or other people, but over the self.

When it comes to the self and the physical and mental states, the tarot also provides insight. Again, there is always a disclaimer saying that questions concerning health issues should not be asked and that tarot readers should not address or respond to such questions. Again, frustrating. I always say and I live by this, that there are the spiritual/astral aspects one has to take care of and the physical/mental aspects that also need attention. This means searching for a doctor when needed and searching for spiritual guidance when needed. But to tell people that those questions should be ignored by the tarot reader is a very limiting and strict way of doing readings. The tarot, when analyzed thoroughly, reveals the physical state of the person. Whether the seeker (the person asking for the tarot reading) is in a state of laziness/lethargy or in a very heightened sexual state or is not exercising enough or is too focused on exercising can all be seen with the tarot. Risks of serious health conditions also come through readings. For example, I once read the tarot to a young man. He had never had a tarot reading and was nervous, but we talked and I explained to him how it works. As we got along in the reading, I was able to accurately describe his mental state and attitude to his then present situation. Then, near the end of the session, I saw that he had a propensity to heart conditions, such as high blood pressure. It was a mixture of intuition and the information the tarot provided and so I asked him. And he said, “Yeah, my doctor already warned me.” I was surprised. I didn’t expect him to confirm the tarot. Then I did a reading for his father, who thought himself an expert on the tarot and was a total thick head. I decided to decline giving him a tarot reading for a couple of reasons: 1. he was an asshole 2. thought he already knew what the cards were saying, no point in me being there 3. did not believe/want to listen to anything/focused only on future events 4. he was lying about situations (his stories/questions did not match up). But the one thing I told him and I unexpectedly found, was that he needed to take more care of his heart. Again, he confirmed that he takes medicine for high blood pressure. To both of them, I did not give medical advice, I simply suggested that they take more care and pay more attention and even seek medical attention.

One of the most difficult things about spirituality and tarot readings is belief. What the tarot can reveal and what someone can spiritually experience depends very much on the person’s beliefs. If someone comes in for a reading, like the thick head mentioned above, and he or she does not believe in tarot readings, the tarot will not respond. In such cases, the tarot reader will not be able to properly read the tarot and tune in to the seekers energy. Why? Why if the tarot is a tool one can use and a tool is something independent, why does it depend on belief, a thing intangible? There is no definitive answer. These things are dismissed by science as fraud and hobbies of poor crazy people. If we look at the spiritual aspect, we know that everyone has his and her own energy and that everyone has different levels of energy and that souls are each at different levels and cycles. When someone comes searching for a reading and does not believe and completely denies the possibility, whether it is a psychic reading or a tarot reading, his or her mind is closed to it, to the information, to the experience, and his or her energy blocks that new energy from entering his/her energetic system/body. And if you consider that there are spirit guides that aid, if not completely do the readings, and someone comes in with a mocking attitude or total disbelief looking to be convinced, those spiritual beings will not respond to that person. People that believe should be allowed to believe and people that do not believe should be allowed to not believe. There is nothing wrong with or with not believing and perhaps that is not why readings don’t come through for certain people. Perhaps it is more about an open mind than a belief in the spiritual.

Often, the seekers of readings make a very big mistake. Often, people believe everything the tarot reader says. Sometimes, the reader is not right and is misguided or makes mistakes. The misconception that tarot readers and psychics are infallible, that they know everything and are never wrong, is what causes some readings to fail. Why does a reading fail or become ineffective or unproductive? Because the seeker, the person that wanted the tarot reading, leaves the session believing certain things that with time are proven untrue or ineffective and useless. I think of tarot readings as stepping stones, as markers in my spiritual path. I think of a man who throughout my life gave me readings as a guide, as a physically present spirit guide, but I never fully and unquestioningly believed everything he said to me. I took his words as words of guidance and deep spiritual wisdom and the things that didn’t sit well with my heart, I dropped, sometimes later finding that they were true and openly going back and embracing them.

Namaste, friends.


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