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  • You write about sexual health and give lots of advice. Are you a certified health practionner?
    No, I am not a certified health practionner. I am currently pursuing a dual Master's of Social Work in Sex Therapy and Sex Education from Widener University so that in a few years' time I can work as a sex therapist. I share my opinions, experiences, and often do research for these posts; in which case sources are provided. Other posts are more informational and heavily researched. If you'd like clarification on a topic or post, leave a comment! Comments are always welcomed! If you are experiencing sexual health issues, talk to your doctor. Find help. Reach out. This blog provides information and advice, but not medical treatment.
  • Are the product recommendations you give sponsored/affiliated?
    No, I do not have any affiliations or sponsors. If I recommend something it's because I believe that it is a good product; whether it's a book, sex toy, website, or service.
  • Are you looking to be sponsored or affiliated with a product/company?
    Yes, but I have to genuinely like the services or products offered. In case that I establish an affiliation, I would inform you in whatever product reviews or recommendations I make.
  • I'd like to ask you a question in private, can I do that?"
    If you'd like to ask me a question in private, then you can do so by filling out the contact form in the About Me section. You can also do that through Facebook Message. You can also ask me a question by leaving a comment beneath a post, or posting your question to the forum, or through social media. Of course, that can be a bit less private.
  • I am writing my own work! Can I cite your post/blog?
    First of all, congaratulations on your project! Yes, you can cite my posts/blog. Just contact me through the About Mesection and let me know. I'll ask for the following information: Title of book or website address Name of publishing house (for books, if independently published, then outlet) Anticipated date of publication Your name (or pen name) and reliable contact information (for example; your email) Quote you'll be using or article/post you'll be citing It may seem like I am asking a lot, but I do so because I want to be able to read your work too as I would love to feature your work here on the website. You can also simply cite me without informing me and provide links back to the posts you cited.
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