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Melissa Portan LMSW, M.ED

Licensed sexologist, writer, and educator.

Hey there!  My name is Melissa (she/her). I write and research on the topic of human sexuality in connection to spirituality, religion, and mental health. As a licensed therapist in NYC, I provide sex and relationship therapy to individuals, couples, and groups. (I'm currently accepting new clients - more info. here.)

Outside of clinical practice, I provide spiritual readings and guidance.​ I come from 5 generations of spiritual guides (or what some might call Shamans or brujos/brujas, depending on where you stand on the matter of individual gnosis) and healers. Despite my family history being fractured by colonization, migration, and loss, I continue my ancestors' work of helping people through my work as a modern-day healer, a.k.a., a therapist and the occasional spiritual consult.

Early on my spiritual path (adolescence - teens) I found my soul’s home and reawakened my cosmic memory in the house of the Hellenic Gods. I primarily practice what some call Hellenismos. Still, I continue to learn from Hinduism, Buddhism, and from my earthly, biological heritage I’ve been able to connect to Mayan and Native American spirituality. I have been writing/blogging about spirituality and sacred sex since 2013. At the time, these topics were rather occult. Since then, I've completed graduate school and launched my career as a sexologist.

The information you find here is meant to guide you regardless of your path; whether you’re a Hellenic polytheist like me, Buddhist, or anything else. You'll also find some of my creative works like poetry, fiction, and erotica. Welcome and I hope you find what you're looking for.


Master of Social Work

Widener University

Master of Education | Sex & Relationship Therapy

Widener University

Bachelor of Arts | French & Spanish

The City College of New York

Associate of Arts | Writing & Literature

LaGuardia Community College


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Sex Therapy

Sex therapy focuses on issues of sexuality, relationships, and sex. Some areas of focus include, sexual performance issues, sexual trauma, domestic violence recovery, relationship issues, sexual exploration (gender identity, Kink, BDSM, polyamory/ethical non-monogamy).

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Couple's Therapy

Couple's therapy focuses on navigating relationship conflicts, stressors, and shared trauma. Some areas of focus include communication difficulties, conflict resolution, infidelity, intimacy/sex issues, and parenting stressors. Couples and other relationship structures are welcome.   

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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy allows for deep exploration and healing of the self. Some areas of focus include trauma, anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, autism, religious/spiritual trauma., sex and sexuality issues. Men, women, nonbinary folx are welcome. 

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Group Therapy

Group therapy is great for finding communal support and guidance. This is where sharing your story and listening to other's experiences helps ease your healing journey. 

There are currently no groups running. Check back for updates.

Therapy through Sync Psychological Services

Sync Psych is a private practice located in NYC's Flatiron district directed by Dr. Silvia Birklein. Dr. Birklein has over twenty years of experience in the private and public sectors (including consulting for TV shows, and international presentations and workshops), and directly supervises my clinical work. (Note that none of the opinions shared on this website are affiliated with Dr. Birklein or Sync Psychological Services.) If you live in NY, you can book in-person or virtual therapy sessions with me below.

My approach to therapy is exploratory, educational, and collaborative. I navigate sensitive topics with the upmost respect for a person’s beliefs and experiences, being sure to honor their individual chosen path. I use Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Narrative Therapy, Attachment Therapy, and mindfulness. I also draw from Eastern spirituality and practices like yoga and Tantra to help align the mind-body connection. Meditation and Tarot are tools I occasionally use to explore the subconscious and creativity. And as no stranger to diverse spiritual practices, existential issues, religious/spiritual trauma are viable areas of treatment focus. 

SYNC PSYCH (TM) is a NY Certified Women-Owned Business   


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