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The Gods

Original Publication: Nov. 11, 2013 at

When first looking at Hinduism and any other polytheistic path we might get confused, but once we immerse ourselves in it all and once we follow our intuition, everything falls into a place. In this blog we will talk about Hinduism, Greek polytheism, Egyptian polytheism, the traditions of the Mayans and the Native Americans. Today we are going to focus on the Gods without going into a specific spiritual path, only touching upon a couple.

The Gods have existed since before humanity had roads, temples, science, religion, and all the things we now know. They have been worshipped and loved in various forms and in different ways. Hinduism has many Gods and Goddesses. Were we to look further into Hinduism we would see that although there are many Gods and Goddesses they are worshipped as all being connected and all being One. They are separate and One simultaneously. This is true for all the Gods of the world's religions. The world is One world. You are One being with your Higher Being. What is true for the Gods is true for us.

We as humans have many needs. We need all the basic things for survival and we need other things. Things. These things we need that some consider non-essential are: love, sex, peace, connection with other human beings, education, etcetera. For our relations with others we need to be able to see them, to hear their voices, to touch them. To feel less alone we need to know others that are going through what we are going through. We read about similar experiences when we feel alone, cold, sad, and hurt to alleviate our pain. Or we talk to others to find a connection. There are relationships that do not require these things, relationships that do not require these aspects; such as, the relationship between twin souls and the relationships between a person and a God/Goddess. (Those kinds of relationships come to us when our souls are ready for it and when divine time is in harmony with our inner desire and with our higher purpose.) Our needs not being met, whether they be abstract or concrete, cause us to be out of balance. We are ever searching for others and we are ever pulling from them only to someday find that all we need is within us.

We humans love, we desire, we need, we petition, we feel, we need. The Gods feel, they love, they desire, the petition, but they do not need. The Gods are whole and sustained through cosmic energy. Whether we believe in them or not they exist. Even if all the temples and churches and mosques of the world disappeared, the Gods of the World would still exist. They are divine beings. They are divine beings because they have eternal balance within themselves. They are self-sustained beings, sustained through cosmic energy, through harmony within themselves and between themselves. They are connected to the energy of the Universe and they are the very energy.

In all polytheistic spiritual paths the Gods each have their domain over which they rule. There are Goddesses and Gods each incarnating prominently different aspects of existence. It is not that the Gods are purely one thing; for example, a love God, one we are all very familiar with; Eros/Cupid, is not just Love. He has other aspects of existence within himself, he has different characteristics just like we do, but he is known for his passionate, frenzied, manner of loving. Within the ancient Greek/Roman God Eros, we find aspects both of the feminine and masculine. This is the eternal harmony the Gods possess: balance within themselves between their feminine and masculine sides. What this balance means is that the Gods, regardless of their origin, have the ability to manifest in their being characteristics/features of either the feminine or masculine despite their natural sex. To achieve this balance is to be comfortable with one's sexuality. To achieve this balance is to be able to express love for the Self, for the opposite sex, and for the same sex while still remain true to one's nature. It is possible for us to do this and there are some that have done it. However, as we are terrestrial beings we can sometimes lose this balance within ourselves. But because we may lose the harmony of these two forces does not mean that we have failed and it does not mean that we cannot regain it.


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