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Mini Post 17: Soul Mates and Homosexuality

I did not think I had to clarify that when I write about soul mates, sexual orientation does not matter. Soul mates can find each other and be of the same sex. Human sexuality is like water; it flows freely and will seep through the cracks to find its freedom. Love will find itself every single time no matter what form the body takes. Whether the couple is two women, two men, and everything else in between, the soul will recognize its match.

Society, and unfortunately religion, excludes and/or limits LGBTQ+ persons from freely experiencing the beauty that is soul mate love. Some LGBTQ+ may not even fathom that they can find soul mates because of the labels and restrictive beliefs that society has placed upon them, on us. But the truth is that when the soul recognizes its other soul, there is nothing that can stop it from feeling that love. Whether the person can express that love is what causes suffering and pain.

Finding a soul mate is arguably more difficult when the couple is homosexual than when it is heterosexual because of the conditioned cultural norms. As calcified as some beliefs and accepted norms may be, love is the thing that can absolutely crumble the established walls. Regardless of sexual orientation, finding a soul mate takes understanding, mental and spiritual exploration, and letting go; letting go of what hurts, of what scares you, of what hurts you.


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