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Recommendation: Hate Rising (Documentary)

Racism still exists and I suspect that it will always exist. Hate has and will always exist, this is just the nature of our universe. If these two things of darkness, of the dark side of our humanity, will always exist, then what do we do? Should we even bother? Of course we should care about the hate that is rampant in our world even if we are not directly affected by it. We stand up to hate. We speak out against hate. And we spread love. The moment we give in, the moment we surrender to despair, the moment we let hate run rampant, we all become lost.

Here is a documentary by the respected Hispanic journalist Jorge Ramos. (There is also a version in Spanish you can watch here.) This documentary is eye-opening and terrifying. The dark, underlying beliefs that helped get Donald Trump elected president of the United States are revealed in this documentary. It is hard to watch. It is disappointing to see so much ignorance and hatred, but this is the truth and it is necessary that we know it.

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