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Melissa Portan LMSW, MEd

Writer & Sexologist

Melissa is a 5th generation spiritual guide who specializes in helping others find their own spiritual path. She is also a sex and relationship therapist practicing in NYC.


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How to Connect with your Twin Soul through Sex

There are many ways to connect with your twin soul. The strongest and easiest way to connect with him or her, regardless of whether you’ve met or are separated, is through sex. Why? Because when we are aroused our energy rises with our arousal. Since twin souls are each other’s energetic match and counterpoint, there is an extremely intense attraction between both. And through that attraction, this attraction that is powered by love, a bridge of communication can be built. The attraction, in turn, is strengthened and this energy beams out between the twin souls, calling each other.

The love, passion, and attraction that exists between twin souls is not bound by common sense. Sometimes, the twins connect so strongly that they threaten the laws of physics. And so, when one twin is aroused the other senses it or feels it. (Go here to read more about twins sensing each other.) Through sex the energy known as the kundalini is awakened and it rises through the body, twists and turns, up to the crown of the head. It is this energy that the twins can easily tap into and communicate with each other.

How to do it. I hope you are comfortable arousing yourself.

Some twins might find that they already do this, connect or call their twin when aroused. To others this might be new. I recommend that you do this in a comfortable setting. To begin, it is best to do this in the dark by candlelight, not because there will be some magical appearance in your room, but because in the darkness there will be less to distract you. However, if you are more comfortable in the daylight, then do it in the daylight. (I can be quite vampiric sometimes.) Either way, you will have your eyes closed.

(Before you start make sure you won’t be disturbed or distracted and light candles or incense though not necessary.)

Step 1: Lied down on your back. Try to get your spine as straight as possible. If you have a yoga mat then use that and if you’re going to be on your bed then remove pillows from behind your head/neck area.

Step 2: Allow yourself to get excited about meeting/seeing your twin soul. Leave behind all logic and let yourself sink into the floor. Do not be afraid and do not think that you will be disappointed. Set your intentions for this meditation/communication session. If you have a spiritual practice in place, now is the time to call and ask for guidance by your spirit guides, angels, or Gods, or the Universe, or your higher self, and so on.

Step 3: If you know your twin soul, if you know what he or she looks like, think about him. Visualize your twin soul. Think about what you have seen him or her do. What is it that attracts you the most about him? What do you find the sexiest about her?

Step 4: Begin to feel and become aware of your arousal. Touch yourself however you find most pleasing. Every time you touch yourself and you feel a rise in your arousal, in your kundalini, visualize him or her. Think about touching your partner. Think about how he would touch you. How she would kiss you. Enjoy this process as much as you want.

If you are a man touch your penis and think of her. Wrap your hand around your shaft and every time you feel your scrotum tighten with the pleasure that you are giving yourself imagine/visualize that you are making her feel the same thing, except image that you are touching her clitoris or that you are entering her. Match the rise of your arousal with the visualization. So, every time you feel hotter she moans. Every time you visualize her doing something to you, you get hotter.

If you are a woman touch your clitoris and think of him. The electricity that your finger gives your clitoris also touches his body, visualize him reacting to your touch. Visualize and imagine what he would do if you grabbed his penis and stroked it. Touch your breasts and tease him with them. Feel your wetness and know that it causes him to be hard and just as aroused, if not more. Every time you feel your nipples tighten and become erect, every time your clitoris causes you to tremble, imagine/visualize him feeling the pleasure you feel.


Step 5: Depending on what/how you want to communicate flow the energy to the following chakras: solar plexus chakra to understand his/her needs, heart chakra to feel/connect with his/her emotions, throat chakra to improve verbal communication, third eye chakra to see each other, and the crown chakra to gain new knowledge or even enlightenment. Depending on what chakra you focus your energy into, that type of communication will be opened, at first momentarily then with practice it will be prolonged. 

Women. Allow yourself to orgasm. Visualize that you bring him to orgasm and that he ejaculates inside you, that his cum fills you not only with his seed but also his energy, and that his energy rises up through your vagina and travels to the energy center of your choosing. Give back to your partner the love you feel for yourself and the love he sent you.

Men. Release your love/passion through the tip of your penis and feel your cum enter her. Feel this energy leave you and enter her and cause her to tremble with a powerful orgasm. See her in your mind’s eye as she orgasms and feel her love for you as you send her your love.

You will both be enveloped in the warmth of each other’s love.

How you communicate and how you experience this session will vary. You might, during your arousal and masturbation experience contact with him or her. You might understand what he or she is thinking, how they feel, and you might even see, see with your mind’s eye him or her. You might also find that your body reacts as if he or she were physically touching you. This is if you are separated from your twin. If you are together then this will only deepen your connection and bring enlightenment to both.

Namaste and I hope this works for you and if you have any questions or want to share anything, email or leave a comment.


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