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I believe love is the sun of the soul. With love in our hearts to light our way we are never lost, only exploring. 

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Mini Post 11: Dreams

Photo by Melissa Portan

Photo by Melissa Portan

Dreams are our inner worlds. Each of us has a soul, we all have different experiences, we have all had different lives, different beliefs, and our dreams reflect those things. Dreams reflect or expose the inner aspects of our outer or superficial beliefs and lives. Dreams provide insights to what’s inside the heart, what the soul is experiencing at a level too deep to be consciously aware of,  perspective on present situations, and even hints of the future. For some, dreams hold no meaning, they are just the result flashing synapses, of crashing neurons. For others, dreams can have profound spiritual meanings. And then, for others, dreams provide psychological insights without being attached to any spiritual or religious notions.

For me, dreams have both spiritual and psychological meanings. How dreams are interpreted vary from person to person, but there are many symbols that have universally understood meanings. By doing research on specific aspects of a dream, something that caught my attention, I find the meaning of the dream. There is also intuition, spiritual knowledge, and so on, that you can use to understand your dreams. Dreams are subjective, meaning that their meanings are personal and change from person to person. Feelings are an accurate compass to navigating the dreamscape and understanding the hidden meanings or messages of your subconscious, your soul, and/or your spirit guides.

That is the other aspect of dreams, communication with other beings.  Most common is receiving messages from loved ones that have died through dreams. The second most common type of dream communication is with spirit guides. Some persons can communicate with each other via dreams, very close soul mates (rare) and especially twin souls (a sign of a twin soul). Perhaps the rarest type of spiritual communication through dreams is that with beings of higher consciousness. It all depends on the person, his or her beliefs, his or her will, and intentions.

As you travel on your spiritual path, regardless of which it is, dreams begin to have more weight. Dreams become more important in a developing spiritual path as more knowledge is gained. Dreams can tell you whether you are going in the right direction, the best direction for you, or if you have gotten lost.

Namaste, friends.


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