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Melissa Portan LMSW, MEd

Writer & Sexologist

Melissa is a 5th generation spiritual guide who specializes in helping others find their own spiritual path. She is also a sex and relationship therapist practicing in NYC.


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October Posts

Hey everyone!

Thanks for visiting the blog, spending your time here, and most of all, thanks for your comments. I just want to take a minute to update you on what is coming up over the next few weeks.

October is the month where, here in the States and northern hemisphere, the chill of winter starts to creep around and the nights become longer and longer. October is also the month of Halloween, so I want to take this time, this month, to discuss and explore the darker and sometimes negative things we can encounter in a spiritual practice, regardless of which one. There is a good side and there is a bad side and all the topics we have discussed will be reviewed with this other “darker” or “bad” side. I hope that you will find it useful and appreciate any feedback you may have.

There are also going to be a few Hot Posts coming out, so get ready for those. I have found a few videos that I will share with you guys, all on various topics. Posts on sexual energy are also coming up, orgasms, premature ejaculation, and so on.

So do stick around, share the blog, like the Facebook page, check out my other projects, and/or find me on other social media platforms.



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