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The Body: The Feet

The feet of Goddess Radha.

The feet are the foundation of the human body. The feet are the roots to the base of the body that ground you to the earth. At the simplest level, your feet are a vital part of your body that allow you to walk.

The parts of the foot include the toes, the heel, and the arch. If the foot were missing any part of these three components, balance would be affected, our postures would be affected, and our shoe choices would be affected. The feet are the perfect instrument for walking around, dancing oddly in the privacy of your room, jumping and kicking, and running.

There are ten toes. We take these ten toes for granted, we don’t think twice about the arches or the heels. But each toe affects balance, physically and energetically. So there are ten toes and ten fingers, the hands mirror the feet, and if we look at the body in a more spiritual way, the number ten begins to have meaning. The ten toes begin to symbolize something, to be something more than extremities of the body. In numerology, the number ten symbolizes completion, perfection, fulfillment, and divinity.* Because 10 is a combination of 1 and 0, there is a deeper level of symbolism in the unification of those two numbers and we can apply that to our perspective of the feet. Zero is the emptiness that is complete, it is the nothing that produces everything, it is the essence of everything. Everything that you are, everything that I am, begins from the roots of the body, from the feet. From your feet, the bottom of your physical existence, you are present in this world and you do, and you breathe, and you think, sing, dance, love, and fight. It all begins from your feet, your feet are the beginning of your physical existence. If the beginning of your existence were your head, you would walk upside down, the whole world would be upside down. The Soul projects itself into the physical world and its realization in this material plane begins at the bottom, the feet. It is like building a skyscraper, you cannot start from the antenna that touches the clouds because if you did, the building would collapse and there would be nothing but chaos and pain. The 1 in the number 10 of the ten toes, symbolizes strength and independence, and unity. Everything always returns to its origin of being One. The feet are the foundations that give strength to the pillars that are the legs. So combine the meanings of the numbers 1 and 0 and apply them to your feet; you get the strength and independence to walk upon this earth, to live, suffer, and rejoice, and you do so with the divinity that is inherent in you, the divinity that is within you, and your body is perfection, and the completion and realization of your internal/spiritual reality. You walk into this world being nothing and with the ability to bring out from that nothingness, from that emptiness, from your origins, what your heart carries; a piece of that original love and beauty.

What we do with our feet and our potential depends entirely on ourselves. A person’s choices depend on the life they live, the lessons they are leaning and have to learn, and the cycle the are in. However we choose to walk and wherever we choose to go, our feet will take us there.


*Read more about the meaning of numbers here. I used this website to better understand the meaning of the number 10, a number that is always popping up in my life.

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