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Melissa Portan LMSW, MEd

Writer & Sexologist

Melissa is a 5th generation spiritual guide who specializes in helping others find their own spiritual path. She is also a sex and relationship therapist practicing in NYC.


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What is a demon?

What is a demon? A demon is an evil spirit. There are different types of demons, some more powerful than others, some more dangerous than others. But what creates demons? There is a dark energetic force in the universe, there are dark Gods and entities, and they all come from the same indescribable place that we can call the darkness. What creates these evil beings? Why are there evil or dark Gods? Why are there good Gods? Why are there angels? We don’t know. I don’t know. I can only explain that there are opposing forces in the universe and within each and every one of us. And this is why I love the yin yang symbol, because it so simply and succinctly illustrates the dilemma of good and evil.

Here is where things get worrisome and insidious. Everyone is capable of doing good and doing evil, but there are people who lean more to the dark side, to doing evil. Doing evil may seem harmless at first. It may seem petty and normal. For example: gossiping about someone else. This is something that at some point or another we are all guilty of doing. But now, take it a step further, and gossiping to purposefully cause harm to another person. Yet again, take it another step further, and consider gossiping and purposefully isolating or alienating that person. And what if that person commits suicide? Or what if that person becomes severely depressed, but no one knows and he or she can’t live or work as he or she used to? Not so obvious then, is it?

See, there are different degrees of evil, or different shades of evil. Evil is a lot more common than you think. The truth is that we can all become demons. If someone makes a habit of doing evil and each time does something worse and more harmful, then his or her soul starts to darken. The soul becomes heavier and dirtier. The person starts to accumulate negative energy, thus making him or her heavier and dirtier. The possibility of this person reaching enlightenment and being liberated from the cycle of reincarnation diminish. But this is not to say that the person cannot or does not enjoy life. In fact, it may be the contrary, he or she may have a very good life and have wealth, health, and so on. On the other hand, the person may become a criminal, violent and dangerous. Again, there is another possibility and the person may be miserable, alone, and have hatred towards everything and everyone. And yet, this does not make a person a demon. Most that do harm do it unconsciously and out of anger or hate, not with the distinct purpose to spread evil so that good is extinguished.

So, when does a person become a demon? There are times in everyone’s lives where a choice has to be made. There are

times where we stand at the point where one path becomes two and we have to choose which way we are going to go. The process can be gradual, meaning that it can take many lifetimes for a person to become so evil that he or she naturally becomes a demon or a force of evil. What this means is that when this person dies he or she will be reincarnated as someone who will consciously do great evil (for example, murderers, cruel leaders, etc.). But as this person is living, he or she is not technically a demon, but a force of evil. Another possibility is that the person, in death, will remain in the lower astral plane as a demon and exercise his or her dark/harmful will over others. Another way demons are created is by stealing souls or forcing souls. (How souls are forced and/or stolen is a very complicated and a vast subject. This post is a cursory look at the subject, but we’ll explore the topic further later on. Feel free to request a sub-topic.) Lastly, a person may be offered to be a demon or force of evil and they may be offered whatever they desire if they accept. This is often referred to as “cutting a deal with the devil”.

Most demons were once people like you and me. They were people who were so hurt, so angry, that they became consumed by those emotions. They were souls that lost hope, that lost faith, that lost sight of who they really are. They were souls that were so overwhelmed by negativity, darkness, hatred and pain, that they became those things. It is sad, I know, but don’t get it confused. There is also a vast majority of demons who born out of evil, who were never good. There are other species of demons, other creatures. Those that were born of evil, will never feel remorse, will never have the desire to change.

Soooo, don’t join the dark side.



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