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What is sex magic?

Photo Credit: Melissa Portan

Sex magic, sometimes spelled sex magick, is the control of the sexual energy to achieve something. So what this means is that someone who is practicing sex magic focuses his or her intentions at the point of orgasm and sends those intentions into action, both in the astral plane and within his or her own mind.What someone can achieve through sex magic depends on his or her intentions and how it is practiced. It is primarily a magickal practice as opposed to being a spiritual practice. A magickal practice is to help someone achieve something physical, something practical, something they can use. The focus of a magickal practice tends to be on the material while the focus of a spiritual practice tends to be on the ethereal.

Although sex magic is widely used to promote physical improvements or affect the physical realm, it is not always the case. There are people that practice sex magic and verge on practicing sacred sex. There are others that practice sex magic in search of new knowledge, be it spiritual or physical/mundane knowledge.

For example: Wicca. Wicca is a spiritual path that combines magickal practice. It is growing in popularity here in the United States because of how practical it is and because of its grounding of a lofty spiritual practice in modern times. Wicca incorporates multiple Gods and Goddesses, mainly calling upon the Greeks and Celts, but also including the Egyptians and Hindus. When it comes to sex magic, Wicca allows and encourages its practioners to explore their sexuality and to become comfortable with it. There are various rituals and rites the wiccans practice to connect to the higher realms. Of course, there are other paths that incorporate sex magick and most unfortunately not many do so in a positive light. Like all religions and all spiritual practices and like all magickal practices, there are people that use this knowledge to cause negativity, to cause harm, and spread evil. But Wicca tends to be positive and encouraging and very open.

Sex magic can be practiced with anyone, meaning that the persons involved in a ritual do not need to be in a romantic relationship or not even know much about each other. The purpose of their sexual union is to achieve practical results and they do so by focusing and moving the energy that is raised during arousal. These sex rituals can include two persons or more and can also be done alone. However sex magic is practiced, the results depend on the intentions of the practioner.

Sex magic can be used to achieve material gains. For example, someone wants to have a better job. This person decides that he or she will practice sex magic in order to influence the world around him or her to get a new job, so that the opportunity to get that new job presents itself. Sex magic can also be used to encourage better health, to cleanse the body, and even for protection. Now, the question is, can sex magic bring about enlightenment?

When it comes to enlightenment, sex magic alone is not going to cause enlightenment. Not any single magickal practice, be it sex magic, voodoo or magick in general, will bring about enlightenment. There are multiple reasons for this, one of them being the focus of the practice. Another reason enlightenment cannot be achieved solely through sex magic is because of the limited knowledge. Sex magic is focused on the carnal pleasures, the physical pleasures and using them to achieve things. In order to be enlightened, there needs to be not only knowledge of the spiritual world but also of the physical world and most importantly wisdom. Wisdom is difficult to define and attaining wisdom through sex magic alone is not possible. What sex magic does provide is knowledge of the physical world and of the body.

Although sex magic alone will not bring enlightenment there are benefits to practicing it. What sex magic does for someone depends entirely on the person and his or her beliefs and other practices. Everyone is on their own path. Everyone is in different soul cycles and everyone has different needs. For some, sex magic might be very beneficial and for others it may not be enough. Regardless, when used for good, sex magic can be powerful and beneficial.


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