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Twin Soul: Disconnection

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

A twin soul connection permeates everything, all aspects of life, from the physical to the mental, emotional, and spiritual, and when that connection is severed, it is a shock to the system. How you perceive the world needs to be adjusted because of the change of informational input you are receiving. In a twin soul disconnection, which is not the same as a separation, you are no longer receiving the feelings and thoughts of your partner, nor any other physical sensations they may be experiencing. Think of a flashlight shining in utter darkness and then the battery failing, the light becoming weaker and weaker, flickering, until suddenly it goes out. If you were to slow down that process, then you would be able to see the recession of light. In this way does a twin soul disconnection occur.

The first days, and perhaps weeks, after disconnecting from your twin soul are deeply felt and even have physical effects. You might suddenly feel replenished, full of energy, lighter, but most certainly you will feel bored and disinterested. Depending on how the disconnection occurs, you might feel tired and drained, combined with disinterest. If the disconnection is positive, you will feel lighter and energized; whereas, if the disconnection is negative, you will feel tired and sad. Regardless of how the disconnection happens, nothing seems interesting afterwards. The world feels like a vacuum and the hollowness of reality is resounding. Walls feel flimsier than cardboard and a small living room can feel spacious. This is because your mind is adjusting from perceiving and interpreting spiritual energy, both that of your twin soul and your own, to just your own energy. Your awareness is shrinking back to the state it was in before you met your twin soul. For some people, it means closing the third eye, for others there is not so much a shrinking of awareness but more of a shift in awareness.

The twin soul relationship teaches its participants about the soul and the spirit world. This means that a person in a twin soul relationship goes through a spiritual awakening where they often gain spiritual insights and abilities. Perhaps the person is able to sense other’s energies or even see them, some may communicate with the spirit world freely. These are all things that happen when the chakras are cleansed, balanced, and the third and crown chakras are activated. These are the things that a twin soul union brings about and the process is not easy. After a twin soul disconnection, all those abilities and insights remain; however, there may be a shift in perspective. You may no longer focus your spiritual energy towards your twin soul and instead turn it towards yourself or those around you. So instead of there being a shrinking or recession of awareness, there is a shift. The ideal would be to not lose what you gained through the twin soul relationship, but to put it to good use. Of course, that is not always possible and sometimes we recede our awareness, or we let it recede by not practicing. Sometimes it is even necessary to let our awareness of the soul recede a little just to heal and rebalance ourselves.

When do twin soul disconnections happen? A twin soul disconnection can happen when one partner passes away. Sometimes the disconnection can be instant, other times the deceased twin stays close to the other twin, either for the remainder of their partner’s life or gradually leaving them. Disconnections can also happen when the relationship ends; again, not the same thing as separation. When both twins decide to end the relationship, they disconnect from each other on the conscious level. This is when both twins decide that they no longer want to pursue any type of relationship with each other and it means that they will not meet in this life, perhaps not even in the next. (Visit the Reincarnation category to learn more.)

Why do disconnections happen? What is the point of meeting your twin soul if you’re not gonna end up together? These are good questions with many answers, often answers that are hard to accept. Disconnections often happen because the twins were not ready to be fully united. You must remember that twin souls meet many times through various lifetimes. Sometimes twins meet because they have specific lessons they need to learn that only the twin can teach. And once those lessons are learned, the twins move on.

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