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Melissa Portan LMSW, MEd

Writer & Sexologist

Melissa is a 5th generation spiritual guide who specializes in helping others find their own spiritual path. She is also a sex and relationship therapist practicing in NYC.


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Magic and Love

Magic. That thing that baffles the mind. Magic. The thing Vegas is famous for. Magic. Or is it that thing that makes things happen? Magic in the sense of magical creation, in the sense of imagination and transformative power, is sometimes spelled magick. The extra k was added to the word by practitioners known as witches, mages, and sorcerers to separate the spiritual practice from the entertainment practice. You’d think that in the year 2015 these words would not be used except in the context of fiction, but for many it is a reality beyond the plateaus of written fantasy. Believe it or not, however humorous you may find it, there are many that define themselves with these words: witch, wizard, mage, sorcerer, and so on. But what is it that they practice? Really, what is magic?

As always, I remind you that there are two sides to everything, two sides if not more. I’m the case of magic we can say that there many many many sides to the same thing. Or we can simply things and say there is magic that works with the positive forces of the universe and that there’s magic that works with the negative forces of the universe. One of the positive forces that exists is love.

How is love used in magic? In a way, these two things can’t be separated. Isn’t love magic? Think of those cheesy commercials where a company entices you to buy something by describing or illustrating the magic of love. And what is the magic of love? We can describe it as being euphoric, a sort of high that makes the world seem like a better place. So, love is a bunch of feelings and happy thoughts. All of these good feelings and thoughts are great, but what then? That is when magic comes in. Again, separating these two things is difficult because love is a reality-altering thing, which is the base definition of the word magic. But without magic, which is the conscience movement of energy to alter reality, the positive energy or intent of love goes nowhere.

What it really is about is awareness. Bringing awareness to the love you feel amplifies it. When your love is amplified there is a sort of energetic ripple effect. Without the force of magic, the ripple doesn’t extend that far from you. Picture a wave of pulsating energy emanating from your heart and extending maybe three feet all around. And that would be on a good day. This is also called your aura. Love doesn’t make up the entirety of your aura, but it does affect it. What love does is it amplifies your aura and your aura is like your energetic immune system. Often, it is more accurate to say always, your aura plays an important part when practicing magic. The strength and the cleanliness of your aura affects the results of your magic. And when I say the cleanliness of your aura I do not refer to any moral aspect, mostly to the energetic aspect. Of course, your morality dictates what magic you do so It matters in your practice. But you don’t have to be perfect to love and practice magic.

So what is this magic thing used for? Well, we’re talking about love so someone who mixes it with magic is most likely looking to improve the romance department of their lives. But we know instinctively, if not through study, that there are different types of love. That being the case, love magic or magic based on love, spreads to different aspects of life. Love and magic can be used to heal, whether emotional or physical wounds. Another way love magic is used is to attract love. It is like making a magnet. Love magic is giving the heart direction and purpose.

There are many layers to this topic and so many ways to practice it. Understanding magic is more instinctual than knowledge based. Experiencing love is natural. So you have two things combined; nature and instinct. These are intrinsic to each other and to your soul. These things are weaved together at every moment, except sometimes we don’t feel them. When you combine the raw power of love with the focus of magic, the results are amazing. I was going to say the results are limitless, but the truth is there is a limit to what can and should be affected. Love alone cannot heal a person of a terminal disease. Why? Because it’s against the laws of nature. Yet, and it may sound as if I’m contradicting myself, many people experience unbelievable events through the power of love. Therefore, I think it is best to keep an open mind and not presume to know the laws of the universe.



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